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You DO have time for Bible Study!

how to fit devotion into your busy schedule - create the lifelong habit of bible study, for women who don't think they have the time to sit at the feet of Jesus
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I was over at a fellow mama’s house the other day.  We have very similar families (eerily similar families). She is a wonderful mama to her kids and loves her husband just like she did when they got married.  We have similar outlooks on lots of parenting questions.  We both love the Lord.  Truly, we are incredibly similar.  And yet, as I was stepping out the door to leave, she said something to me I certainly didn’t agree with.

We were talking about Bible study.  And she said she really loves to do Bible study and loves being involved in a good study with others, but she really doesn’t have the time to do a study at this season in her life.

It made me stop short.  And I didn’t have anything to say for a moment.

Honestly, it is really hard to say these things, but these are the things I wish I had said in that moment.

Nobody does. And…

Everybody does.

As I continued to think about this, I realized devotion to real Bible studies (not bite-sized “inspirations”, not Facebook-liking some Bible quote) is getting more and more rare in the business of our lives.  We have Bible study on our list of to-dos, but it is at the bottom, almost an afterthought. We have convinced ourselves there is a season in which we will have the time to sit at the feet of Jesus and soak up the goodness of His words.  And what’s more, we have convinced ourselves this season (whatever season we are in) is not it. Continue Reading

Growing Up

7 Simple Things For Nursing Moms to Know

This entry is part 20 of 33 in the series Baby Days

Nursing is amazing, isn’t it?  Just think of it.  You carried your little one in your tummy for around 9 months, feeding and nourishing him until he grew large enough to enter the world and thrive.  And then…and then, God has designed your body to switch gears completely to feed and nourish your little one for months (sometimes years, right?).  It is miraculous, really!

Notice I didn’t say nursing was easy.  But it is miraculous.  If you are considering nursing your little one for any period of time after he is born, you may need a little bit of encouragement along the way.  Because, honestly, as natural as nursing is, it doesn’t always come naturally.

After nursing FOUR little ones, I have learned a LOT about nursing.  I am still not an expert, but I have learned plenty.  That knowledge has helped me (and encouraged me) along the way.  So I thought I would share with you the simple things I think nursing moms need to know. Continue Reading

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The Power of Calling Your Kids Good Names

October was recently dubbed Anti-Bullying Awareness Month (or something like that) and the topic has been in the news quite a lot lately.  Everywhere you go you see someone with something to say about the current situation facing kids in schools today.  Our kids are pre-school age and so we thankfully have not had to face any of these things.  Sure our little ones have friends who take away their toys and struggle with sharing, but those things are just the early part of the process of learning how to treat one another.

But the current events regarding bullies and their victims got me thinking about the power of words on people of all ages.  Our words can be used as a healing salve or they can be daggers to the heart and spirit of man.  And I am constantly reminded when talking with my little ones how careful I need to be in choosing my words. Continue Reading

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