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Nest Building

Family Instagram Display

Family Instagram Photo Wall

One of the projects I have been most excited to share with you here on this blog is our new laundry room.  I have been working for months on small changes in there to make a BIG impact.  The biggest impact is that I now LOVE my laundry room and want to be in there!  And my favorite part of our laundry room is the wall that runs along the entry from the garage where I created a family Instagram Display and a place for the girls to doodle to their hearts’ content.

I am kind of an Instagram addict.  I joined just before W was born and over the past couple of years have become an avid “Insta-poster” (I love making up new words!).  It is just such a simple way to share the everyday things going on in our lives.  It has also become the source of some of my very favorite family snapshots.  But the only problem is, if I don’t print out the photos, I have to get on my phone to see them.  Our girls would spend hours looking at the old photos with me.  So, one day, inspiration struck to create a wall to display all our favorite shots. Continue Reading

Growing Up

DIY Glitter Alphabet

Our girls have (finally) been sharing a bedroom for a number of months now.  It took for.ever. to get them in the same room, but now they are happy as clams in there.  And since it took so long to get it done, I kind of took my time in fully decorating the room.  Right now both of them are interested in the alphabet and I knew I wanted something in their room with the alphabet on it.  I set aside an old magnetic board for their room (I got it way back in college!) and went to the dollar store and purchased a set of alphabet magnets.  It took months to get around to the project, but I ended up getting inspired by a haphazard placement of craft items in a bin one morning.  It just so happened that the perfect shade of glitter was sitting next to the alphabet magnets and -bam!- inspiration!  I quickly, like 30 minutes quick, threw together some glitter alphabet magnets for their room!  And I really love the result! Continue Reading

Growing Up

Simple Toddler Birthday Shirt

Our youngest daughter just celebrated her second birthday a couple of weeks ago!  I can’t believe how she has grown from such a tiny thing to an active toddler!  And what a blessing she is to our family; she is so sweet!

As we were getting ready to celebrate her birthday, I was in the midst of one of the busiest seasons of my year.  I was teaching Bible study, making costumes for our annual visit to Mickey’s Halloween Party, working on a major contributor post for another blog, and keeping this family close to on-track.  And we found out that another one of our friends was having a birthday party for her son on W’s actual birthday.  Instead of thinking of that as a headache, I thought it was a blessing, because I just didn’t have the time to plan a full-blown party. Continue Reading

Nest Building

DIY Knockoff Chainmail Lamp

DIY Chain-mail Knockoff Lamp in Entryway

We had a mishap a little while back with the lamp in our entry way.  It got broken.  It happens – no big deal.  And our entry way is relatively dark, requiring a lamp for when guests are over, so they can find their way in and out of the house.

But replacing a lamp is not very easy in our house.  My husband has strong opinions about two things decor related: lamps and rugs.  It is not that he doesn’t have strong opinions about other things, it is more that he and I see eye-to-eye on everything else.  I tend to be more accepting of lighting options in general.  He seems to be particular.  And though we have been married for almost 10 years, I have yet to discern what appeals to him.  He is like a moving target in regards to lamps – I can’t pin him down. Continue Reading