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A Cleaning Routine that Works for Me, Mondays

creating and organizing a cleaning routine that works for you
This entry is part 38 of 41 in the series Hope for Homemakers

I am kind of a neat freak with lazy tendencies.  I LOVE, love, LOVE the look of a clean space, but I have my places where the cleanliness of a space is just not what I want it to be.  I think this is referred to as “living with kids.”  And I honestly struggled to create a cleaning routine for a long time.  But I found something that really works for me and helps me to stay on track.  This cleaning routine may not work for you, but it definitely is working for me and I thought you might want to hear how I am implementing it. This week, I will be sharing a little bit each day about how my cleaning routine works for me and what I do each day in my house to keep the monsters at bay.  Continue Reading

Nest Building

Showroom Shine for Stainless Steel

restoring showroom shine to stainless steel - the simple way

My kids are running a loop through the kitchen again, smearing whatever goop resides on their hands on my recently clean stainless steel appliances.  There are three, yes three, of them at eye-level.  Yes, there are three stainless steel appliances in a perfect designer’s triangle for my two little fingerprint monsters.  Oh, not three KIDS…yet…that comes in a few more months.  And by that time, my appliances could probably be entered in the next emerging artists show.  You see, when it comes to appliance purchasing, my husband and I are not experts.  In fact, it is one of the things we have done very little thinking about in the past few years.  We, since having children, have purchased two stainless steel appliances with out the easy-care properties.  What were we thinking?

When you add kids and stainless steel, you almost always get a mess.  So, I worked on it diligently and discovered the way to restore our stainless steel appliances to their showroom glory.  And it is relatively easy and completely a completely natural solution – safe for the kids, too!  And I shared it a couple of years ago with Ask Anna – it has been one of my most popular posts over there.  But, even that process has become something that takes too long when I am doing my weekly “deep clean” of our kitchen.  So, I am back with another simple solution for keeping stainless steel appliances clean! Continue Reading

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Keeping Glass Shower Doors Clean (from Day One)

keeping glass shower doors clean from day one

We are so close to being ready to reveal our remodeled downstairs bathroom…so close!  (UPDATE:  See our full bathroom all done and pretty here!)  And the patience that has been wrought in my heart as a result of this project is indescribable – it has been over a year since we started working on it!  But we have had almost everything done in that room for months now and are waiting on finishing touches.   So, I thought I would share a little preview of the made over bathroom along with a quick tutorial about keeping glass shower doors clean from day one. Continue Reading

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Easy Things to Add to your Vacuum Routine

simple ways to get the rest of your house clean while vacuuming the floors

Oh, how I love a clean room.  And one of the biggest factors in my enjoyment of a clean room is a clean floor with beautiful vacuum lines.  There is something almost meditative about it.  And I must say, I am a better vacuum driver than I am a dust director or even bathroom scrubber.  There is something so great about a vacuum for ease of use and major results.  And I was working through the house with my vacuum the other day and started thinking about why I love my vacuum so much.  And I realized it is because I can do SO much with it and not spend a bunch of time on cleaning.  And then I wondered, “Does everybody vacuum the way I vacuum?”  So I thought I would share with you my Vacuum Routine – including the 4 things I get clean when I am vacuuming besides the floors. Continue Reading

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Traveling with Tots: Controlling Car Clutter

A special thanks to Huggies for sponsoring this post!  Be sure to check out their latest stylish designs for Huggies Clutch ‘n’ Clean wipes and Huggies Designer Tubs.



I kind of have car trips on the brain this summer.  A lot of Americans do, it seems.  It is the time of year when we have a little bit more freedom to get out on the open road and head to a fun place.  And my list of fun places I would like to go to this year is long.  We have been needing a getaway with our girls (and without our girls, for that matter) for a while.  So I thought it would be fun to do a series about traveling with little ones, specifically in the car.

I have lots of things to share along the way, but today I am excited to share my tips for keeping the car chaos under control with little ones. And lest you think I have got it all figured out, these are simply my simple solutions to the problems we have been facing with our girls and the maelstrom they bring to the backseat each time we get in the car. Continue Reading

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Proper Care and Maintenance of Granite

in depth tutorial to teach proper care and maintenance of granite surfaces
This entry is part 2 of 2 in the series The Builder's Wife Shares

I was committing some serious sins against my granite countertops in my kitchen without even realizing it!  They were seriously neglected and when I did clean them, I did it wrong!  Poor granite!  But after a quick instructional session with our granite installer last week, I remedied the situation and now know the proper care and maintenance of granite.  My countertops look amazing and I feel so much more confident that I am treating them properly.  Continue Reading