March MAIDness: Day 20 – Sounds of Clean

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Oh, my!  I can’t believe we are at the end of March MAIDness!  The time just flew right by!  Thanks again for sticking with me through this journey to find our inner maids.

I thought I would leave you today with a little music.  That way (maybe) I’ll stick in your head like the last song you heard.  And each time you hear one of these songs, you may be inspired to clean like a mad woman.

I love to clean and I love music.  Thus, I love to clean to music. The only problem I run into is when the song makes me want to dance so much that I don’t clean, I just dance.  It is a delicate balance you have to strike in this area.

After lots of thought, I present you with a playlist for cleaning. You can check it out on Spotify. So, grab whatever device lets you play music, crank it up, and scrub, scrub, scrub!

What do you think?  Are you motivated to clean?  What are your go to tunes for getting work done around the house?

Happy Cleaning!

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