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Prayer of a Godly Household + Free Printable



One of the search terms that pops up in my statistics for this site (yes, I can track you!  Don’t worry, no NSA here…or is there?) almost every day is “house blessing” or something related to that.  I am assuming those who search for it are moving to a new home and are looking for a prayer or a blessing to say over their home to bless it.  And that is not what they find when they land on this site!  In fact, when I was coming up with the name for this site, it never crossed my mind that the name could be construed that way.  But, I was reading my Bible the other day and I came across a note I had written on a Psalm that said, “PRAYER FOR A GODLY HOUSEHOLD.”  ( I write in all caps in my Bible most of the time – I don’t know why.)  And it struck me as not only a lovely passage, but just what some people are looking for when they search “house blessing.”

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Spirit-Led Parenting: A Helper

Sometimes God has a way of hitting me over the head with a truth from His Word!  Does that ever happen to you?  It seems to happen to  quite often in relation to parenting.  God is sanctifying me by giving me the opportunity to serve my daughters as we raise them trying to point them to Jesus.  And sometimes, I seriously fail!  And sometimes, I have those lightning bolt moments where there is a connection made, a wall broken down, a new understanding  gained.

I am in the midst of co-leading a Bible study on Romans 6-8 – the topic of sanctification.  And we just finished observing and interpreting chapter 7 (yeah – the difficult chapter).  I watched the video of Kay Arthur teaching on the chapter twice (once in preparation and once in class) and God impressed upon me one of the illustrations Kay used regarding the first 6 verses of chapter 7.  Continue Reading

Devotion, Growing Up, Nest Building

What I Wanted

When I married my husband, I already knew he was a good friend, a hard worker, an intense gamer. And he had the perfect crooked smile.  What I didn’t know was he was such a family man.

I got my first impression of it when we, as newlyweds, went to visit his Mamaw and Great Aunt Nell.  We spent a lovely 4 days with them.  We played games, sat and talked, shared meals and created memories with them.  And as we pulled out of town, he said, “We should have stayed longer.”

I got a larger glimpse of it when he got a call from Texas saying his father had a stroke while on vacation.  He fought through tears and immediately booked us a flight to be there with his dad.  We got there and shared a few brief days with his dad and mom, just being there, just talking, just smiling.

Then God handed us a peek of “fatherhood” with the news of a baby!  My husband was nervous, excited, and a little nervous (yes, I said that twice).  We found out quickly that this baby would not be for us to hold in our hands, but rather in our hearts.  That day our world had a small crack in it, but he was not shaken.  He was a rock, he was patient, he accepted it as from the Lord (and he wept).  He stood next to me as I shook with tears at church almost every Sunday after that for months. Continue Reading


A Fresh Love

I am in love.  We were meant for each other.  We fit.  He fulfills all my needs.  He accepts all my baggage. But sometimes he is a little bit too cold (almost icy, one might say).

Should we tell my husband?

Oh, he already knows about it.  I am having a love affair with our new refrigerator.

Isn’t he handsome?


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Saturday Stroll

This week we took the girls to the doctor.  W had to get her 4 month shots and G had to get some blood work.  As expected W freaked out, but it was somewhat short-lived.  Unexpectedly, G took the blood work like a champ.  When you come from scared-y cat stock like D and myself, you might expect to wriggle, squirm, cry, and even yell at the mention of needles.  Not G.  She did not move and just sat there and watched the blood come from her arm.  The story has been told, toddler style repeatedly since then.

And then I took G to get her first haircut on Friday.  And just like the blood work, she didn’t squirm, didn’t fuss, nothing.  She just sat there and made faces in the mirror.  Who is this kid?  Our hair-stylist extraordinaire said she is one of the best/easiest kids she has ever had!

This morning we are taking our first official stroll in our double stroller (yes, we finally purchased one when our youngest is almost 6 months old!).  We are going down to the park for a neighborhood Easter thing.

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Showers of Blessings

This entry is part 1 of 2 in the series Showers of Blessings

Today and this week I am thankful for:

Literal rain (in the desert!) and a change of weather

A salad I had last week – yes, I am still thinking about it!

Grandparents that can drop by on a moment’s notice.

A day to see all the oscar contenders before the ceremony on Sunday.

A crib for Wren at the right price, at the right moment

Encouraging friends and milestones

Alarm clocks

Buckets turned upside down and into crowns

The inspiration I get when I look at my little girls

My husband saying, “If I didn’t have meetings…” this morning when I had (have) a horrendous headache.

A little one sleeping next to me and another little one cuddling while watching Elmo


What are you thankful for?

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