Saturday Stroll

This week we took the girls to the doctor.  W had to get her 4 month shots and G had to get some blood work.  As expected W freaked out, but it was somewhat short-lived.  Unexpectedly, G took the blood work like a champ.  When you come from scared-y cat stock like D and myself, you might expect to wriggle, squirm, cry, and even yell at the mention of needles.  Not G.  She did not move and just sat there and watched the blood come from her arm.  The story has been told, toddler style repeatedly since then.

And then I took G to get her first haircut on Friday.  And just like the blood work, she didn’t squirm, didn’t fuss, nothing.  She just sat there and made faces in the mirror.  Who is this kid?  Our hair-stylist extraordinaire said she is one of the best/easiest kids she has ever had!

This morning we are taking our first official stroll in our double stroller (yes, we finally purchased one when our youngest is almost 6 months old!).  We are going down to the park for a neighborhood Easter thing.

Let’s walk, shall we?

Song: D shared this with me yesterday.  Just his little romantic side coming out.

Snapshot: Hard to pick just one, but I love this:

Dr. visit


I found this C-U-T-E Easter pail how-to this week.  Isn’t it adorable?

Since we on on the topic of Easter, here is a wonderful post of Christ-centered Easter ideas.

I hope you have a very blessed Easter tomorrow!  I will be taking time to meditate on the joy and hope that is mine because I know my Redeemer Lives!


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