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Home School is NOT an Option

homeschool is NOT an option - some things to consider before you make the decision to home school or to send your kids to traditional school.

You may have read my initial post on the decision-making process we are currently going through to determine if we are going to traditionally school or home school our oldest child.  As I stated in that post, this topic and thought process runs deep and there are many things to consider.  So here is the next thing I have in mind as I make the decision to home school or to send our daughter to traditional school:  In many ways  homeschooling is not an option.  We are our children’s first (and I would argue, primary) teachers whether we recognize it or not.

My kids are watching me.  Every day they are watching me.

I can choose to think this is creepy (and I do), but I cannot change it.

They are observing how I behave, what I say, how I interact with other people, how I spend my time.  And they are creating their perspective of the world and how it works based on my behavior.  They are doing it with my husband, too.  So they are already learning in the school of life that we established the moment we brought them into our home.

Thus My husband and I are, by default, our kids first teachers. Continue Reading


Resources for Biblical Word Study

resources for Biblical Word Study - the best resources for any one who wants to understand what God really meant when He spoke His words


As most of my regular readers know, I am a Bible study leader for Precept Upon Precept studies.  And I am passionate about inductive study.  And I cannot express how exciting it is to really understand what the Word of God not only says, but means!  And one of the most important tools in our tool box for Bible study is word studies.  This is so vital to truly understanding what God said and what He meant when He said it.

But getting started with word study can seem a bit overwhelming.  So, I thought I would make it easy on you and tell you the resources you need, how to use the resources for accurate Biblical word study and encouragement for getting started with word studies during your private study. Continue Reading