Simple Grocery Pick-up Savings

tips and tricks for saving money while using Walmart Grocery pick-up service; easily save money without leaving your minivan

Hi, my name is Leah, a mother of four and a devoted Walmart Pick-up shopper. I have been utilizing Walmart Pick-up for about 2 years because it is easier than praying for a parking spot close to the cart return, hoping for a 2-cart at the entrance, and attempting not to pull my hair out as 4 voices cry in round, “Can I have ____?” for half an hour. In short, it is awesome.

There are some drawbacks though. Coupons are pretty much a thing of the past with Walmart Pick-up. Their system currently does not operate with the ability to enter coupons into their app. But what they lack in savings, they make up in convenience. And lately I have valued convenience over savings.

But, I have found a few money saving tricks recently and I am enjoying the benefits of both convenience and a little cash back in my pocket! They are super simple things to do to get some easy money while using Walmart Pick-up.

Sign up for Walmart Pick-up

Um…yeah. This is kind of necessary in order to use the system. But they do reward you for trying their service out. You get $10 when you place your first order of $30 or more.

You can also get $10 for each friend that you refer to their service. You’re welcome and thank you!

Savings: $10!

Shop through ibotta first

I am super late to the ibotta game. I just started using it frequently in the last year. And when I realized they offer $3.00 for starting in their app and launching into the Walmart Grocery app, I was a truly happy camper!

If you are not currently an ibotta user, you can get $5 for signing up and redeeming an offer. Redeeming an offer is simple when you use it to shop at Walmart. What you do from your phone:

  • install both apps
  • open ibotta
  • click to shop Walmart Grocery Pick-up and Delivery
  • shop as normal

I don’t see a limit on this offer other than the fine print says, “Users may earn up to $100 dollars in rewards for each purchase.” Yes, it is redundant, but it does not tell me how many times I can do this offer. I currently shop through Walmart Grocery Pick-up about once a week and I have never not had the ibotta $3 credit apply.

Savings: $3-$17 your first month

Link Drop to your Credit Card

Drop will not earn you money very fast. But slowly and surely, your points will begin to add up. Once you have a bunch of points, you can redeem them for gift cards to some valued merchants. The breakdown is 1,000 points per dollar reward. Currently I have to have 30,000 points to redeem a $30 reward. But it changes as I have previously been able to redeem 10,000 points for a $10 reward.

When you sign up, you get $5 in Drop points right off the bat. You have to link your credit card and then you add preferred merchants as power offers. I added Starbucks, Target, Dunkin Donuts, and Walmart. Any time I use the linked credit card at these stores, I get Drop points.

I get Drop points for my Walmart Pick-up orders, too! So, I am getting a little bit each time I shop using my linked credit card. You can also “shop through” the Drop app for your Walmart Pick-Up order, but I think the ibotta app is a better savings overall. In order for the Drop points to outweigh the ibotta cash back, you would have to have an order of over $150 at Walmart.

Savings: pennies that add up over time

Shopkick It

You can also earn kicks through Shopkick when you use their app to shop at Walmart Grocery. When you use Shopkick, you follow the same steps as you do with ibotta. They currently offer 450 kicks per order. Thus it is better to order through ibotta, until they cut you off or change their offer.

Currently 250 kicks equals $1.00 in rewards. You can redeem Shopkicks for gift cards or Paypal cash (at a little more of a premium: 255 kicks/$1.00). When you sign up for Shopkick, you get 250 kicks the first time you use the app and walk-in or scan at your favorite retailers. For more information about Shopkick, please read this article.

Savings: about $1.80 per shop

Mystery Shop it

Another opportunity for earning cash back while shopping Walmart Grocery Pick-up is called Field Agent. It is a super simple mystery shopping app that often offers Walmart Pick-up shops. The process is simple. You sign up, take a small amount of training in the app and then select a shop you want to complete. You can even wait until you have placed your Walmart Grocery Pick-up order!

The shops are time-sensitive (of course) and can vary in the amount you earn. But you can do multiple shops in a month!

Savings: $5 and up!

tips and tricks for saving money while using Walmart Grocery pick-up service; easily save money without leaving your minivan

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