Showers of Blessings

I must begin this post by saying that God, the LORD, is and has revealed Himself as  Jehovah Jireh; not just in Scripture, but in my everyday existence.  As a result of his many provisions, blessings, and surprises, I personally have seen His character and His ways.  But I know that God has done this in the lives of his children on a daily basis since the beginning.  It is, simply put, part of who He is!  What a wonderful God we have.

So I have decided to start a semi-frequent post (not sure on the timing yet) to extol the blessings of the Lord.  This is, in part, a way for me to focus on and reminisce over the days, in an effort not to let them get beyond me without saying, “Thank you,” to Him.  This is inspired by the fact that we had a baby shower for our 2nd little one this morning and I was again reminded of God’s faithfulness to bless us in every aspect of our lives.

The shower this morning reminded me of the other times I have been showered with blessings from our friends and family: our wedding shower and our first baby shower.  Each time I walked away from these events, I was humbled by the goodness of the Lord in our lives.  That He would use His people to provide the necessities and niceties of life for us is just mind-blowing.  It is a demonstration of His love and care for us through others.  Each time we have had a shower, we have also had a wonderful time of prayer, where godly women sought the Lord on my and my husband’s behalf.  I can think of no greater human gift!

No wonder I am feeling blessed today!

So, praise the Lord this day for oversize packs of diapers, a seemingly endless supply of wipes, cute little outfits for a little person yet to be met, stuffed animals, baby blankets, rattles, giftcards for last minute trips to the store, and bags and baskets to hold it all.  And praise God for friends who open their homes, make cupcakes with lemon filling, decorate with abandon, vote for the gender of and pray over my little one.  God, you are an amazing God and I praise you for your goodness to me (and us)!

What are you thankful to God for today?  I would love to praise Him right along with you, so please leave a comment and share.


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