Showers of Blessings


blessings umbrella

This weekend, I am thankful for:

Winter wonderlands seen through fresh eyes and felt with cold hands

Coos and smiles from a sweet, pudgy face

Provision of work and energy to work.

Favor for my husband from his client (apparently a rare thing).

Grandparents that love little ones and provide much needed time for errand running and naps.

A friend that sticks closer than a brother and helps to sharpen and encourage.

Monkeys that play music and batteries to keep them going.

Tummies hiding little miracles almost ready to be introduced to the world (future friends to my little miracles).

Alarm clocks with math problems prodding awake at 5 AM.

The reminder that God is working even in the most desperate of situations.

Encouraging words.

The handsome face that greets me with a crooked smile each morning.

An heirloom for W to pass down to her little ones.

The joy in the word “Noah” spoken as if he is the love of G’s life.

A room full of women, gathered around the Word of God.


What are you thankful for?

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  1. Conni

    this weekend I am thankful for:

    K knowing I need a maple doughnut without judgement and bringing it home for a Sat. morning surprise

    the smell and feel of clean sheets every Tues.

    friends who understand because they love the Lord

    the sound of my name on G’s lips

    W’s smile and our conversation coo and goo goo

    M’s fun as the head of make-up and hair for school play

    my parents who took me to a church that taught us the Word from toddler-hood just like G., my heroes were Noah and others found in the pages of Scripture

    God is good – every good and perfect gift comes from Him

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