Saturday Stroll

We are going for a late afternoon stroll today.  Everybody in our house woke up this morning with CRAZY allergies.  That didn’t ruin the fun, but it definitely slowed down the older members of the household.  We have been fighting seasonal allergies all week.  Oh, and teething – but our girls teeth like champs!  I weighed W earlier today and discovered she is even bigger than I thought: 18 pounds!  I can’t believe how fast she is growing.

Let’s get strolling, shall we?

Song:  I went to see one of the greats last weekend.  And one of the songs he does that I love so much is Billy Joe Shaver’s “I’m Gonna Live Forever.”  He sings it like he wrote it and I love it!


wren exersaucer

I am in love with this one of W.  It is very hard to capture the expressions on her face on film, but here is a glimpse.


I have been working on the March MAIDness series this month to get the house in order and this next week is the last.  I still have a few great ideas coming up, but I wanted to share this solution for stinky bathrooms from my sister-in-law, Sarah’s blog: Frugal Fun For Boys.

Also, this week I signed up for an online photography class for moms, called Momtographie.  I am so excited about it because I need to hone my skills in this area; but what makes it even better is that it is FREE.  Want to join me? Just click on the link above and sign up.  It starts on Monday!

Let’s see, what else?  Oh, I have a new favorite drink over at Starbucks.  Check this one out, it is fabulous.  I present to you, the Hazelnut Macchiato (try it iced!).  And if you come to see me sometime, this can be your hostess gift! (smile)


 Well, I am exhausted from this walk – ha!  Hope you have a great weekend and a wonderful week!


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