Saturday Stroll

This week was an eventful one for us.  W rolled over for the first time on Monday.  Crawling can’t be far behind!  Oh, goodness (they grow so fast)!  Our dishwasher petered out some time in the last two weeks and I have to say I am done with hand washing all the dishes.  Hello, paper plates and plastic cups!  And tonight I get to go to a fancy adult dinner and dance party with my love.  Here’s hoping I will get him on the dance floor.  Mama wants to dance!

Ready for a stroll?

Song:  Thinking about going dancing tonight brings me back to high school dances and makes me think of slow dancing to this song.  My dance partners got the (um…) pleasure of being serenaded by me at the top of my lungs – my way of mocking the fact that almost every slow dance was Boys II Men.


wren changing_opt


It is not really snooping if it about us, is it?  This week Money Saving Mom featured our story about paying cash for a French door refrigerator.  Lots of readers came by to check out this blog.  If you are one of them: Thanks for stopping by!  Join in the conversation, I look forward to getting to know you! Yes, I know we missed out on putting a picture in the post, so stay tuned to this blog and I will get the fridge all gussied up and do a post about it.

We paid cash!


As you may know, we started doing One Year Old Preschool with G on her 1st birthday and we have been having a blast.  But I realize we are going to have to do the real thing soon.  My sister-in-law has  home schools my handsome nephews and wrote about getting started with preschool at home this week.  I got lots of great tips!

Getting Started with Preschool at Home

March 6th was World Book Day (who knew?) and my buddy, Jenna over at Mum Central created some great book nooks for her little ones.  Further inspiration for a project I was already planning for the girls’ room.

What are you doing this weekend?  What did you spot while you were strolling around this week? Any recommendations for a song for next week?

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