Saturday Stroll

We got out this morning for a little while with two girls whose allergies have driven them indoors for over a week.  I think they made it through unscathed, but we will be keeping an eye on them.

W went to the doctor this week and had to get some shots (oh, how she cries…and so loud, too!).  She is also somewhat mobile in her sitting.  She can scoot a little bit if she wants to!  Pretty amazing how quick she started doing this.  G never scooted; she barely crawled before walking.

G is saying crazy amounts of words and sentences.  She has a general sweetness about her that I haven’t seen in a lot of under 2 year olds.  When W drops her toys she stops what she is doing, goes over and brings them back to her, saying, “Uh, Wrennie, you dropped your toy.”  Oh, it makes my heart happy to see her love her sister like that!

Oh, and D and I had an impromptu date on Thursday (thanks, Gran, for watching the babies).  We still had a coupon for a free meal from his birthday, so we wanted to use it before it expired at the end of the month.  Love sitting across a table from that man and seeing him smile!

This is the last week of this session of Bible study for our class and I am sad we won’t be back together until the fall (Lord willing), but it will be nice not to have to be prepared each week to teach.  I am also kicking around an idea for a series this month on the blog.  Stay tuned to see if something materializes.

Fancy a stroll around the park?

Song:  This band is oh so interesting (yes that is a donkey’s jawbone you are hearing as percussion…good ear!)


wren smilesgrace plays


I laughed out loud with hot coffee in my mouth when I read/saw this post.  I don’t want to spoil it, but if you are looking for something to make you smile, please read these about these interesting Pinterest finds over at The Dose of Reality.

I have been bringing you random deals for e-books in the last few months.  I also have an advert on the sidebar (over there —>), if you are interested.  Well, this Monday, there is the mother of all e-book bundles coming out and I don’t want you to feel overwhelmed by the sheer quanity of books involved.  So, go check out this post on organizing your e-book collection.  Bookmark it and then come back to it after you get that amazing bundle.  Seriously, you are going to want this bundle! And then you are going to thank The Humbled Homemaker for her organizational widsom.

On the mothering front, this post about a learning game for kids will definitely be used in our house soon.  It helps develop vocabulary and teaches kids to use descriptive language.  It helps with those critical thinking skills and it is FUN!  Go check out my buddy Janine’s game, “What’s Inside.?”

Lovely walk, don’t you think?  What did you see this week that deserves mention?


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  1. The allergies have driven us inside recently, too!
    Love hearing about sweet sister moments! Aw! (And they are so beautiful!!)
    Thank you so much for the shout out, Leah!! 🙂 –The Dose Girls

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