A New Bathroom Organization System…that WORKS!

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a life-changing organization system for beauty supplies

I have been working on a new system for my toiletries and bath products for the past couple of weeks and I am LOVING the simplicity!  I have been working through my Clutter Free Journey for weeks now and when I got to our master bathroom, I was overwhelmed by the amount of beauty products I have that I simply do not use.  I really needed a new bathroom organization system! It was really, REALLY hard to purge items that do have usefulness (and I gave a LOT of things away in the process), but since I implemented my new system, I have been happy with how long it takes me to get ready in the morning, I have created the weekly bathing ritual I have always wanted, and I am using what I have!

Let me preface this post by saying that I do NOT wear makeup – now I do not even own makeup.  I used to keep it around for the random occasion when I would feel the need to put it on.  After 10 years of wearing makeup – at most – once a year, I decided to give it up.  If I need a night of makeup, I guess I will call a girlfriend or go to the makeup counter at the nearest department store.  I realize this immediately simplifies my morning routine and, thus, my organization system.  BUT, I think this system will still work if you do wear makeup, however often.

Decide What to Keep

When I got started on my organization system I decided to think in terms of what I USE.  I got rid of the things I simply do NOT use.  Out went the makeup.  Out went the products I really don’t like, but kept because I felt guilty getting rid of them.  Out went the unnecessary.  This was the hardest step in the process!  But once the items were gone, I didn’t miss anything!

Sort the Essentials

As I sorted out everything, I realized there were a number of things I still use every single day.  I created an MVP basket of my every day essential products a while back. And for the most part, the items still in that basket were the items I still use on a daily basis.  I have really enjoyed my MVP basket because I can take it from the cabinet, set it on the counter, use the items inside, and then put everything away at one time when I am finished getting ready for the day.  It makes keeping the counters in my bathroom clean easier.  By the way the basket is a basket I have had around for quite a while.  We got it at Bath and Body Works and it measures about 8 inches square.  Here is what I keep inside it (some affiliate links included in sources):

daily MVP basket, organizational system for beauty supplies

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Store Beautifully

And then there were a number of items I used less frequently.  And they fell into two different categories: weekly and monthly.  It seemed natural to me to create two more MVP baskets with the items I use weekly and monthly.  I quickly sorted those items into two baskets and was pleased by how quickly I had created an organizational system for my beauty products.

The weekly bin encourages me to do one of the things I love to do, but often neglect, like take a long luxurious bath once a week!  The weekly bin also contains the hair products I use less frequently, but it encourages me to actually try to DO my hair at least once a week!

The monthly bin is for products I use so infrequently that they don’t need to be in my daily or weekly bin.  A lot of my date night beauty supplies are in here – I wish we had date night more often, but with little ones I take what I can get!  I also have feminine hygiene products for that time of month.

Now that I have created this new bathroom organization system, I am SO pleased with how easy it is to maintain.  And how much I am actually using the items I love, instead of storing items for someday.  Oh, and I love one other thing – the amount of blank space in my cabinet!  I just love a little bit of empty in each one of my organization projects – it tells me I have space what I need (and little more).

a revolutionary, life changing organizational system for beauty products

UPDATE:  I have been using this system for OVER a YEAR and it still looks this good under my cabinet.  This bathroom organization system really works and reduces unnecessary stuff.  I love it!

How do you organize your bath and beauty products?  I would love to hear from you!

the simple way to keep your bathroom cabinet organized FOREVER - I tried this last year and it still looks this good!


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  1. Evonne Cordell

    Great ideas! This is definitely something I can use. I don’t wear makeup any more either (Ian doesn’t mind) so that frees up a lot of space.

    Thank you, again, for sharing and inspiring!

  2. Sarah Palmer

    I love to clean and organize. This is such a great post! Thanks for linking to Tips & Tricks. I hope you come back tonight and link something else up. I pinned this to Tips & Tricks lifestyle board!

  3. Morag

    What a great idea to have a bin for frequency – daily, weekly, monthly. I may just have to try this myself. As you say it might encourage me to use the products I have. Thank you!

    1. ussleah

      You are welcome! I am still loving it and still loving the fact that it looks like the picture under my cabinet – meaning it is easy to maintain!

  4. Carol

    this is simply brilliant!!!! thanks for sharing!!!

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