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STOP the SPEEDING CAR preschool math game

We are slowly working our way through our preschool unit on Community Helpers and are currently spending much of our time talking about policemen.  It has been lots of fun along the way.  I love doing our preschool units because I get inspired just by watching my girls learn and grow.  I love the light of learning in their eyes.  And I love that most of our learning is done with smiles on our faces as we have FUN playing together!  A few weeks back I came up with a simple game to help our girls with numbers and early math concepts that is associated with our learning about policemen: STOP the SPEEDING CAR!

It is SO FUN for our girls and I had already put all the work into doing the project, that I thought I would share it here with some free printables to make your own game for your kids.  Scroll down to the end of the post to print out the game for yourself! 

Here’s the lowdown on our game, STOP the SPEEDING CAR!

It is a preschool/early elementary game to teach numeracy and early math concepts.  The game is set up for 2 players, perfect for 2 kids to play under adult supervision, or for 1 adult and 1 child to play together.

Object: Will the driver get away with speeding or will the policeman catch him first?


Player 1: the DRIVER

Player 2: the POLICEMAN

stop the speeding car preschool game

What you Need: 

a number board (counting to 100) – I made one for us, but I am planning to purchase this one for our preschool adventures

place markers for the board – 2 (we used a police car and an ice cream truck)

Speed Limit Cards

Speeding Tickets

dice – these oversize ones are perfect for little hands

How to Play: 

Draw a Speed Limit card and place it on the side of the playing board.  This is the speed limit for the round.

Player 1 (the DRIVER) goes first.  Roll the die and move the number of spaces indicated on the die.

Then Player 2 (the POLICEMAN) goes.  Roll the die and move the number of spaces indicated on the die.

Take turns rolling the die until one player reaches the “speed limit” indicated on the Speed Limit card.

If the policeman reaches the “speed limit” before the driver, the driver gets a “ticket.”  If the driver reaches the “speed limit” before the policeman, he got away! 

stop the speeding car game for preschoolers


Play is open-ended, so when each round is over, the players can switch sides and play again as many times as they like.

Our girls enjoyed this for a little while, but grew tired with higher speed limits.  You may want to use only lower speed limits for younger kids OR use two dice for each roll, to speed up playing speed.  I hope you enjoy this fun game with your little ones!

Click Here to download STOP the SPEEDING CAR! 

Stop the Speeding Car - a fun early math concepts game!


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