Picture Book of The Day: Hello Texas

Hello Texas PBOD
I recently joined a group of wonderful mom bloggers who feature a picture book each day.  I am so excited to be included because we have a little one who LOVES to read.  Sometimes we have to tell her she has read enough and she needs to play.
I will be featuring books for babies and toddlers for my posts because that is what we are reading, but be sure to go to my Facebook page and like it to receive notices of the other books of the day for more variety.


For my first selection, I picked Hello, Texas!

This is a favorite for us because my husband and I are originally from Texas, living in Southern California and hoping to teach our little ones a little bit about home.  We still have lots of family there and we want our daughters to know about where they live.

Hello, Texas!  has very simple prose with each page highlighting a geographical feature or state specific item.  It also states the cities or areas where each item can be found.   It is part of a series of books published by Sterling Publishing company called “Hello, America!”  I think this series is great because we can teach our little ones about locations we have never visited or specific places that are dear to our hearts.  It is a great way to explore America with the toddler set without having a long road-trip.  These books are also a great way to prepare young ones for upcoming trips.

Because we read Hello, Texas! very often around here, G knows a lot of what she will find when she gets to Texas.  We will be visiting a lot of the places mentioned in the book and she will hopefully be able to recognize what she sees!

This book also helps G connect to our loved ones back home.  She knows who lives in Texas! And when her grandparents go back to visit, she understands where they are and what they are seeing while they are there.

Where would you like to take your little one?  Sometimes, it is only a book cover away!

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  1. Sheila

    I’m enjoying your site! And, I don’t know how I have missed this book. Off to get it for myself. Thanks for the resources you share!

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