Pennies from Heaven: Swagbucks

Trying to start working on a “real” grown-up, we’re big kids now budget this month has been really challenging.  I am constantly thinking about money and where I fell short when I made out the budget at the beginning of the month.  The things I forgot we needed to do this month: haircuts, diaper stockpiling, etc. are just piling up and we are not quite to end of the month.

Thus, I am realizing the benefits of the little stashes of money I have available to me through programs I have signed up for on the internet.  They provide rewards for doing various things (i.e. taking surveys, searching keywords, shopping) that do not take much of my time.  The rewards take a while to add up, but have been nice to help in those times where I don’t want to spend any money but I would like a little treat (Hello, Starbucks!) or a new item of clothing to wear or just plain old hard cash!

Today, I am trying to figure out how I am going to spend my accrued rewards from one of my favorites:

Search & Win

At first this website seems to be basically a search engine that rewards randomly for your searches, but there is a lot more to do on this site than you may think.  Currently you can get lots of swagbucks for a little bit of your time.  Here’s some suggestions:

Sign up for a account.

Take the daily poll each day (+1 swagbuck/day)

Do all your searches on the web through their search engine (+ various swagbucks) especially on Fridays, when they award more generously.

Fill out your survey profiles (+ 30 swagbucks)

Watch videos on their site – they even have music videos you can put on in the background while you surf the interwebs (+ various swagbucks)

Tell others about swagbucks and get them to sign up (+ up to 1000 swagbucks/person who signs up)


There are a LOT more swagbucks earning opportunities available on their site, but these are just a few suggestions of how to get those swagbucks to add up fast.  Then, when you have saved up enough…reward yourself.  I have gotten gift cards to Starbucks and before and still have lots of swagbucks left over.  It doesn’t take long with all the opportunities to earn on their site for you to start seeing pennies from heaven to help you make those ends meet!

What will you save up for?  If you are a swagbucks user, what have you gotten with your rewards?


Disclosure: the links in this post are referral links for swagbucks.  When you sign up for this service, I get swagbucks as you earn them, up to 1000.

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