Our Staycation Snackation Destination

Walmart - mama's snackation destination

I was recently asked to share our adventures in snacking and our Snackation destination by The J.M. Smucker Company.  This is a sponsored post.  As always, all opinions and experiences are my own.

Somehow we got to the end of this summer without escaping the desert with the girls.  And I am kind of going stir crazy.  We need something to get us out of our routine.  We needed to try something new.  We needed to get out of the house!…but not necessarily out of the desert.

So I decided we should do a toddler/preschooler version of a staycation.  And the nice thing about a toddler staycation is you don’t really have to do much – just explore something new.  It really is that easy!

If you know me and my girls, you know that we don’t go far without snacks.  And as a family, we tend to pick places to go based on what we are going to eat when we get there!

And to get ready for our local adventures, I like to plan and prepare some snacks ahead of time to take with us.  Our go-to place to grab snacks for the go is Walmart – you might say it is our  staycation “Snackation” destination!

Let’s be real, for preschoolers and toddlers, a trip to Walmart can be the vacation in and of itself.  They get to explore all the aisles from the comfort of their shopping cart.  They get to beg for all the yummy snacks they see and insist upon purchasing what they assume will be their favorite.  What’s not to love?!

But, I enjoy going to Walmart with the girls to grab lots of yummy and HEALTHY snacks because they make it so easy to get in and out and they carry the best stuff.  On our recent trip to Walmart to get ready for our upcoming adventure, we stopped by one little section and found way too much good stuff.  And I wanted to try it all! Walmart - mama's snackation destination

And to be honest, I got a little carried away – I will have snack options for this adventure and a few more!  Our girls are always amenable to the combination of peanut butter and jelly – so we spent a lot of time on that aisle at Walmart.  JM Smuckers brand now carries all these wonderfully flavored spreads with all kinds of snack potential. The ones I am looking forward to trying the most are the Jif Whips Salted Caramel Peanut Butter and the Jif Salted Caramel Hazelnut Spread – but those just may be for mama!  The girls are just as happy with regular Jif peanut butter and Smucker’s Squeeze Jelly.

After we scoped out (and picked out) lots of yummy things on the peanut butter/jelly aisle (isn’t that what it is called?), we stopped by the packaged fruit section and found some applesauce pouches.  These things are seriously so convenient!  We almost never leave home with out them!  And they are a  staycation snack for sure!

Walmart - mama's snackation destination


After we got all our snacks together, the girls wanted to know where we were going!  And maybe you do to.  Stay tuned to find out how where our local adventure took us!


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  1. Evonne Cordell

    Sounds like fun! And those snacks sound good. May have to try them.

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