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Our First Field Trip – Children’s Discovery Museum

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a staycation in the desert - a field trip

I was recently asked to share our adventures in snacking and our Snackation destination by The J.M. Smucker Company.  This is a sponsored post.  As always, all opinions and experiences are my own.

Yesterday, I shared with you how we NEEDED to get out of the house and go experience something new.  And I shared that I wasn’t quite ready to leave the desert with the girls, so I decided we would have a staycation!  Our new adventures would hopefully get us out of the rut that all the days indoors during a desert summer can bring.  Yesterday, I shared how we got prepared for our staycation by hitting up our Snackation destination, Walmart, and filling up on snacks.

There are LOTS of places we have yet to explore in our desert, but I decided that we would point our car in the direction of our local Children’s Discovery Museum!

Since we are just getting started with our “school,” I thought it would be fun to introduce to the girls the concept of a field trip.  So, I told them we were going on a field trip to a museum.  Even without knowing fully what to expect, they were excited!

We loaded up on our snacks from Walmart and packed them in a bag so we could find the perfect spot to snack after our adventures.  Then we all climbed in the car and started our very first field trip!

a staycation in the desert - a field trip


And oh, my! the FUN to be had in this small museum is immense!  It started before we even got in the front door!  The girls wanted to spend a lot of time with this oversize art installation and tried to climb it a number of times.  We had to settle for taking a picture in front of it.

a staycation in the desert - a field trip

Once we got inside the museum, we found so many things to explore!  Our favorites included a pulley system for the girls to fly high in the air

a staycation in the desert - a field trip

An amazing I Spy board!

a staycation in the desert - a field trip

Lots of pretend play opportunities including archaeology, a grocery store, and a pizza parlor.

a staycation in the desert - a field trip


This and SO much more were jam packed into one of the buildings, and then we discovered even more in another building!  That building was full of science-based exhibits that the girls loved.

G even got to make her own race car (with the help of a very patient museum worker…thank you, Maria)!

a staycation in the desert - a field trip

We had so much fun exploring our desert on our staycation by visiting a place we had never been to.  The girls had lots of opportunity to run around, see new wonders, and ask lots of questions.  In fact, it was hard to capture clear pictures of them because they were moving so fast from one thing to the next! I think we will definitely be taking the girls to the Children’s Discovery Museum of the Desert again…soon!

The girls ran so much that they worked up quite the appetite and wanted to have their snacks immediately.  Exploring can make you hungry!

Have you ever taken your kids to a discovery museum? 

a staycation in the desert - a field trip


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    What a wonderful adventure!

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