Nesting: a Pantry Makeover

This post contains affiliate links.  I get a small remuneration when you click and make a purchase.  No pressure, I just bring you items I think you will love.

I have been planning on doing a pantry overhaul for about a month or more.  After having a baby and having various people in the house, the pantry was no longer up to my organizational standard (ahem.)  The 30-Day Clean House Challenge I have been participating in was just the motivation I needed to get going on my dream pantry.

pantry door


It all started with this contact paper from The Macbeth Collection.  I found it at Marshall’s a couple of months back and snapped it up because it was on clearance –  $4.00 for two rolls (30 sq. ft.)!  I got a little over halfway through the pantry when I ran out – AHH!  I went back to scour the shelves, to no avail.  But I was pleased to find the exact same liner at Amazon (and it was on sale, too).

shelf liner

Then I started to think about canisters.  I love the look of having most items in a pantry in canisters that match.  I realize this is completely impractical, so I compromised and only put certain items in the canisters I found.  By the way, I got those for a steal at Home Goods for just under $35.00 – for all 8!


I still need to print out some labels for the canisters (a baby sleeping in the same room as the printer prevents this from happening) – I am thinking of using these from love, pomegranate house:canister labels

As I was strolling through Target last week, I found the small grey containers in the door organizer and picked up all they had (4, I still need 5 more).  They were in the dollar spot at the front of the store.  They work perfectly for corralling our abundant supply of beverage paraphernalia.  If you look closely, it is likely that 40% of what is in our pantry could be consumed by drinking.

grey baskets

I shopped the house a little bit and found the big basket at the bottom of the pantry and re-purposed it for snacks.  I also took the blue canisters (on the top shelf) off of the kitchen counter top to free up a little bit more counter space.  They are more for decoration at this point, because they are empty.

I am in love with the results:

top shelfsecond shelfthird and fourth shelvesbottom shelf

I am also in love with the price.  All told, this pantry makeover was less than $50!

This post contains affiliate links.  I get a small remuneration when you click and make a purchase.  No pressure, I just bring you items I think you will love.

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  1. I love how you lined the wall instead of the shelf…such a cute idea and sooo pretty..I mean why waste all the prettiness with putting things on top of it! Brilliant!

  2. Sara Nicholas

    I love it too!! For some reason none of the homes we looked at before buying our house had pantrys. At the time it didnt seem like a deal breaker. So I have a couple of cupboards to work with…..but definitely gave me some great ideas! Thanks. (My current method of shoving and stacking whatever I bring home from Costco could use some organization.).

  3. Carlye Rankin

    I love that paper! So beautiful. I would love to have a pantry.

    1. ussleah

      What’s funny about the paper is I thought it was a completely different pattern until I opened it and got ready to put it up. Thank goodness I still like it!

  4. Elise

    So pretty! What a great use of contact paper! And way to go finding such pretty contact paper; it seems like so many of the designs are just hideous whenever I’ve looked.

    1. ussleah

      Yes, I was surprised to find such a pretty design. I have another couple of rolls of a pink I am thinking of using in some capacity for my girls. I agree, some contact paper can be quite hideous.

  5. Lisa

    Beautiful pantry! You’ve inspired me to get organized. Just stopping by from SITS.

  6. Sharon

    I so need to organize my pantry, but everything seems to get in the way. Sometimes, I’m on a roll when it comes to decorating or redoing and then there’s a lapse. Your pantry look so neat and organized! Finding stuff will be a breeze now.


    1. ussleah

      Thanks, Patty! Isn’t it fun?

  7. Jennifer

    That looks great! We also have a pantry…it’s completely small for a house of 6. Love your makeover! Stopping by from the Sharefest.

  8. Jessica

    You did a great job! That looks awesome! Thanks a bunch for sharing this @ The Show Off Blog Party!

    The Wondering Brain

  9. a happier girl

    Heaven help me that contact paper makes that pantry super cheery! How cute and fun every time you have to go in there for something!

  10. Here from the Weekend Showoff Blog Hop and I must say I love your pantry! First, that it’s not the wired-things-that-don’t-hold-weight abominations and secondly, the pattern and colors are modern yet cheerful. Can’t wait to redo my pantry and put up a system like yours. BB2U

  11. Tulip

    Love the color and the print! The door organizer is awesome too! I can’t wait to take your pantry inspiration and do mine. Thanks for sharing.

    1. ussleah

      Thanks! We are in love with the results. I think organization breeds organization.

  12. brittany

    this looks amazing! & now i am going to have to do this in my new home we are about to move into!
    thanks for stopping by the weekend show off blog hop! (i know i am late.. lol)
    your co host
    Brittany from oh my darlin & i

  13. KG

    This pantry makeover is just amazing. I loved the print of the contact paper you chose.
    I Just wanted to let you know that your featured little excerpt will be up on my blog tomorrow.
    Please subscribe to my newsletter so you’ll know when the post goes live.


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