Magic Moments Monday #1

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Welcome to the inaugural Magic Moments Monday Blog Party!  So glad you could make it!

The purpose of Magic Moments is to encourage and inspire parents to seek to create and remember the important moments with their children.  The goofy smiles, the endless giggles, the aha moments, and (sometimes even) the tears.  These are the moments you will want to look back on when that whirlwind that is childhood is over.

Don’t feel too intimidated about it being some crazy project or elaborate story.  It can literally be an instant!

My Magic Moment to share is this picture of our girls:

Girls at play

They are 16 months apart and I just love witnessing the connections their little hearts are making to one another!  My youngest (W) just loves to watch her older sister and giggles at her often.  My oldest (G) just loves to help her younger sister, providing her with an endless supply of toys and reading books to her.  I captured this photo of them a little while back and I think it is one of my favorites of the two of them!  There is a lot going on in this small moment!

So now that you have seen my moment, will you share a Magic Moment with us?  Please stop by any time during the month and add a post or a comment and let us know the moments that sparked your child’s imagination, touched your heart, or connected you even more than you already were.  When you do stop by, click on a post or two that has already been linked up and be encouraged by other magic-making parents and kids.  We can’t wait to see what you have for us!

This party is hosted by a great group of bloggers and you can link up on any of their blogs:

Even if you do not have a blog, please feel free to leave a comment, sharing your latest Magic Moment!  You can also tweet them using the #sharemagic.  Please do not link to giveaway posts or promotions.

Come back next month to discover and share more moments and see which of your Magic Moments made us smile.

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  1. Jessica McDonald

    Your girls are adorable. There is nothing more magical that witnessing a special moment between your children. Sweet post!

    1. ussleah

      Thanks, Jessica! I love watching them!

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