Hope for Homemakers, 28 Days, Day 24

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kitchen mess

Oh, my!  I had one of those nights last night and this is what I woke up to this morning

Ack!  The worst part is that it was my dumb mistake that caused it!  But the best part (yes, I do try to find the joy in the everyday) was that my kitchen was already clean before this happened.  I had done the dishes, had a load washing in the dishwasher, some drying on the dish pads, the counters were clean, the floor was swept.  Heck, even the living room was tidy from a 5 minute pass through.

So as bad as the mess was (and it was), it only took a short amount of time to get it cleaned up.  And we had clean dishes in the dishwasher and coffee in the coffee maker.  While the coffee brewed I started a load of laundry and tidied up the cabinet, washed out the sinks and the buckets and the containers that held all that yucky mess.  And then I had a cup of coffee (which in this house makes everything better!)

If this had been three weeks ago when we started this journey the mess would have been so big, I would have been discouraged from trying to clean it up all at once and it would have likely sat for a little while longer.  See, there has been change in this homemaker.  You might say I am more hopeful!

big messes

What has this challenge done for you as a homemaker?  What happens when life hands you a big mess in your kitchen at 10 o’clock at night?

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  1. I’ve found that establishing routines makes it so I do most of these things on auto-pilot (washing dishes, starting laundry, making beds) and that means that even when the kids make a mess, I know it won’t take long to clean up 🙂 Thanks for giving us some extra encouragement to enjoy our homes 🙂

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