Getting More Done, Knowing the Girls are Safe (+ A GIVEAWAY)


Get more done (and a giveaway!)We are in a kind of strange place as a family.  It is a place marked by transition.  We are in the midst of preparing for the addition of another family member to our household.  This involves lots and lots of projects; nesting is REAL, folks!  But it also involves preparing the girls to be a little more independent in the coming days.  I will be nursing the new little one and know that means the girls will need to have some activities to do during all that time focused on the baby.  And I have been crazy impressed with how their independent natures have come out as I have been running around in the morning doing projects and preparing for baby.  And I recently got a gadget that helps me in my pursuit to get more done, while I know the girls are safe: a Levana Keera 2 camera video monitor.

We have had another baby video monitor for a while and we used to have one of the “old-fashioned” audio monitors until it broke.  But I am really liking our new camera video monitor because it does more to let me know the girls are safe, combining audio and video to give me an accurate picture of what is going on in their room.  Our old monitor had some audio capabilities, but not an automatic audio.  This would often let us look in on what was going on in the room, but leave out a big piece of the puzzle: sound!  If the girls had their backs turned to the camera and were crying, we couldn’t know what was going on immediately.

Case in point: the very first evening we had the new Keera in the girls room, we set up the receiver on my bedside table.  Along about midnight we immediately heard through the monitor G starting to cry in their room .  We were able to get in there quickly and tend to her needs without waking up W, because of the clear audio function on this camera.   If you have kids that share rooms, you know how important it can be to address middle-of-the-night crying before it becomes a chorus.

The new Keera has a relatively good resolution, which is diminished at night, but it is easy to maneuver it from the receiver to quickly scan the room – which I like!  During the day is actually when the camera is getting the most use around here.  I get up really early in the morning and get lots done before the girls wake up.  I can get all manner of things done because the receiver end of the monitor is portable (and has a very convenient kickstand!) – BONUS!  I can take the monitor with me to all the rooms of the house and keep an eye and ear out for the girls.  So I thought I would share with you what I am doing around the house, knowing the girls are safe in their room.

Getting More Done, knowing our girls are safe with the Levana Keera 2

1. Laundry

I love getting my laundry done first thing in the morning.  So I typically take a load of dirty clothes with me downstairs and start the laundry at 5:20 AM.  I can simply toss the portable receiver for the monitor on the top of the basket and “take the girls with me.”  I can use the kickstand to prop up the monitor and watch the girls sleeping peacefully while I fold clothes later in the morning.

2. Menu/Day Planning

Lately I have been in project planning mode, aka “nesting to the max.” And part of that includes early morning menu and day planning for the family.  I can spend a few quiet minutes before the girls get up making sure that we have a plan for the day: projects for me and preschool activities for the girls.  I can even squeeze in a little bit of coffee and breakfast into the equation!

3. Bible Study

My first priority for the day is getting time in God’s Word.  My office is directly next to the girls’ room, so I can typically hear them rustling around in there, but now I can use the Keera 2 camera video monitor to keep an eye on them.  It has a volume control, so you can mute it (so they don’t hear themselves!) and just watch the video.  I can make sure the girls are still soundly sleeping in their rooms while I spend time in the Word.

4. Preschool

Along about the middle of the day, W still gets a nap in.  So I am trying to take the time she is resting to work on preschool with G.  I can keep the monitor close by to see and hear W while she is in her room by herself.  I can make sure she is working quietly on puzzles or reading before she nods off to sleep.  And G and I can focus in on getting what she calls her “schoolwork” done.


This one is the most important thing for me right now!  I do have more energy than I did have but I am consistently tired in the afternoon.  So, I have been resting during the girls’ nap time/quiet time.  We actually keep G in one room for quiet time and W in their room for her nap time each afternoon.

get more done, knowing the kids are safe

And the best part about this new Keera monitor is it came with two cameras!  I didn’t mention that before?  Well, this feature is amazing for our transitioning family!  We are able to set up cameras in both the girls’ room and the nursery for the baby!  So we will be able to keep eyes on all our kids to ensure they are safe!  And I can get some much-needed sleep during the day and at night.  For nap time, I can bring the monitor back to my bedside and turn up the volume so I know when the girls are quiet or if they start fussing and address their needs accordingly.

We received a complementary Keera to use for this review, but I was honestly surprised to find that they have an amazing deal going on this monitor right now!  I think this is one of the best low-cost monitors out there.  Check out what you get for the price by clicking the button below.

buy it now

I do feel I would be doing you a disservice in telling you about this monitor if I didn’t let you know that it is not technically intuitive.  In fact, I was really surprised that our box included only a quick start guide which did not go into detail on any of the features other than plug and play.  My husband (the tech guy around here) worked with it for a little while to get the basic functions down, but without a manual, you, too may be a little lost.   All that can be remedied by making sure to LOOK UP the manual online here!

Some other things I found out about the monitor by checking out their website:

-It plays lullabies!

-It has a volume indicator on the monitor to let you know how loud your kid is, letting you know if they are just talking or if they are screaming, at a glance!

-It is expandable – up to 4 cameras can be added to this one system – don’t tell my husband or he may think I am angling for more kids!

– You can take pictures AND videos of your sweet kids!


DO YOU WANT ONE for your nursery?  The people at Levana have generously provided one for one of my readers!  Just fill out the form below!

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how one mom is using a video camera monitor to get more done in her day (plus a GIVEAWAY!)   I am really thankful to Levana for sending this monitor to us at just the right time for our transitioning family!  

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Levana. The opinions and text are all mine.

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    Wow! I continue to be amazed at the technology available these days. Glad you have found something so useful.

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    I would have to say read a book

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