Get Paid to Get your Groceries Delivered this year!

an honest review of Walmart+, plus an offer to get your groceries delivered to your door this year for FREE

In January I found an offer to give Walmart+ a try where it would be $20 for the whole year. Always looking for a way to make it easier to feed my family, I jumped on the deal.

So for the past four months I haven’t stepped foot into a grocery store for my weekly grocery trips! It is – in a word – glorious!

Then this week, as I have been writing about Swagbucks, I logged into my account and noticed the deal from January just got even better.

Now they will pay you to give Walmart+, including Grocery Delivery, a try!

This post may include affiliate links. If you click and make a purchase based on my recommendation, I get a small remuneration at no extra expense to you. I only recommend things I use and believe to be a blessing.

Let me just give you the quick and dirty details and then I will tell you about my experience over the past four months.

Swagbucks’ Walmart Grocery Offer

Here’s the process to get signed up for grocery delivery:

  1. Sign up for Swagbucks. It’s a great, reputable program (I have a series of posts about it).
  2. Scroll down on the homepage to the Shop and Earn section and click on the Walmart offer.
  3. Complete the transaction to sign up for the free trial of Walmart+, selecting the annual subscription (valued at $98/year).
  4. Wait 60 days – without cancelling your Walmart+ account – and get $110 in Swagbucks. You can cash it out through PayPal for actual cash or acquire gift cards with the SB.

By the way, that means they are going to PAY you to try Walmart+! This deal also works through MyPoints in a similar fashion. They are offering 17,500 points which roughly equates to $111.

My Review of Walmart+

One word – convenience. That is what Walmart+ has brought to me. Have there been some little annoyances along the way? – yep. But overall, the headache of planning a trip to the grocery store is long gone!

Things I like about Walmart+’s Grocery Delivery-

  • I can keep a running list of items I think of in my Walmart Grocery app to make sure I don’t forget them on the next order. I will literally stop what I am doing and add it to the list. This is the actual list, not some other list which gets lost. These are the items going directly in my cart.
  • The delivery is literally to my front door! My kids can help me drag in the bags. It is beautiful!
  • Trips to the store, which take at least an hour, are not necessary. I open my front door and have all the items put away in the time it takes me to buckle the kids into their car seats!
  • Their selection is pretty stellar. I don’t need a lot of specialty items, but I do find they have what I am looking for most of the time.
  • The membership to Walmart Grocery+ includes free two-day shipping! Amazon has some competition, right? Those specialty items are delivered to my front door, too!
  • The membership also allows you to use a Scan and Go app in the store. Now, as I said, I have not stepped foot into a Walmart in months. But my husband goes every now and then. I told him about this and he said it was different from the Sam’s Club Scan and Go (the best), but it saves so much line waiting.

What I Don’t Like About Walmart+’s Grocery Delivery

  • Bags, bags, bags. I wish they had boxes or some other way of delivering these items to the front door. It is just an absolute waste of reusable bags!
  • A couple of times I have had an item in my cart which they told me was not available in the store. So I selected something else – maybe another size of the same product. And I have ended up with both items. The item was magically found in the store and the person shopping just assumed I needed both.
  • Tipping. The tipping portion of this program is something I really don’t like. I wish it was a bit clearer about the person delivering the order. Is he getting paid to do the delivery? He must be, right? I get all fussy about the tipping because I want to be generous, but I don’t know who is getting the money.

This has been a wonderful blessing for our family. I hope it is for yours, too!

an honest review of Walmart+, plus an offer to get your groceries delivered to your door this year for FREE

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