Fun with Texture

I am working on a texture board for our little one for next week when our focus in preschool is the hands.  But in the meantime, I saw this idea on a Facebook group page I am a part of and I HAD to try it!

What in the world is in that?

It is hair gel, with garbanzo beans.  It smells awful(!), but it feels really interesting and G likes working her hands and feet into it!

All it takes to make it is an oversize bottle of hair gel (after shopping around, we found the best price was at Target, not the Dollar Store) and any beans you have lying around that you might not need for cooking anytime soon.  The whole cost of this little project was less than $3.00.  Such fun!

It might be interesting to see what other things we could put in the gel…hmmm.  Any suggestions?

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