Fun with Stickers

Lately, I have been on a use what you have kick.  I have been in intense nesting mode for about a month and a half.  This causes me to not want to buy ANYthing that we do not absolutely need.  The only caveat is buying things for G.  I really struggle with not wanting to get everything I see that I think she will enjoy, need, look at and smile, etc.  But I am fighting it!  My frugal nature and my indulgent natures are battling and most days the frugal is winning with a little help from my clutter-hating nature.

So, I was excited the other day when we got some stickers in our stack of junk mail.  The junk mail was an advertisement for something G is too young to really enjoy, but it included a sheet of stickers that would be perfect for introducing her to stickers!!

So after nap time, as I had something yummy working in the oven, we broke out the construction paper and grabbed the sheet of stickers and attempted a craft project together.   I say attempted because it was not that successful, but she had LOTS of fun.

This was a great attention grabber for a while.  She is constantly on the go; but we worked on this for almost 10 minutes!!  Quite the record for our little one.  Her favorite thing to do was to try to peel the stickers off with her little fingernails.  Her second favorite was to try to tear the stickers apart with her little fingers.  We shall be working on construction, not destruction for a while, I guess!  She also really enjoyed having the evidence of this project hanging around the house.  She would go pick it up and show her daddy every now and then – I think she was pretty proud of it!

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