Back on Track

I realized about mid last week sometime that I had taken an undeclared and unexpected two-week vacation.  The reason: the Olympics.  You see, we don’t have cable, but we have a tv with the basic channels, so the tv is RARELY on. But there is something about the Olympics that makes every sport more interesting than it would be normally.  I can’t get enough of the summer games.  Well, my house has paid the price!

It is time to get back on track and I have some ideas about how to do that.  Here’s the plan for the next couple of weeks:

1.  Make friends with the timer and the alarm clock again.  I have a sort of rule around here that if a room takes longer than 15 minutes to tidy up, it is too messy.  So I try to attack things before they get beyond the 15 minute limit.  Thus, when trying to get back on track, I take out my trusty timer and set it to 15 minutes and go to town.  This helps me not to feel too overwhelmed, but also to realize that I need to MOVE it!  I also need to start setting my alarm again, which should be easier because I am not staying up until at least midnight watching athletes who get up routinely at 5 AM!

2.  Never waste a trip.  This is the mantra I heard all my growing up life from my mom and as I get older, I realize how much sense it makes.  As I am pregnant and don’t have the energy I normally do and we have a unpstairs/downstairs house, I am realizing how much I need it right now!  Bringing that laundry basket with folded clothes with me at the end of the day, instead of going up empty-handed, helps get things done and keep the house clutter free.

3.  Get back to basics.  I have a list of 5 things I want to accomplish in our home every day.  Each day is different and helps me to get my entire house clean each week.  The list is the result of lots of working and reworking and making sure each day is achievable.  So for the next couple of weeks, I will be relying a lot on these lists to keep me motivated to get things done.

4.  Tackle one big project.  My one big project for the next couple of weeks is to get ready for a garage sale I would like to have on Labor Day weekend.  I am cleaning house and I am ready to sell a LOT of stuff we don’t use or need anymore.  So, I will be working hard to get ready for this.  The fact that the temps around here are over 100 during the day, should not deter me too much…we have A/C in our garage…no excuses!


Have you had a hard time getting or staying on track through the summer?  Please leave a comment letting me know and I will do my very best to encourage you in your pursuits.  I will also accept any and all encouragement…or if you want to send a housekeeper my way…One can only dream!


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  1. Conni Hudson

    Can you share, in a general way, how you divide your chores into a weekly schedule? For all like me with no organizational skills, it would be helpful.

    I like the timer idea.

    1. ussleah

      Yes, I will do a post soon. I love the timer thing…it is amazing how much can be accomplished in 15 minutes!

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