Baby Play

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Baby Play


I love to watch the eyes of our little ones as they experience something for the first time.  The look of interest mixed with joy or even discomfort (pureed peas, anyone?) is  priceless.  So I guess you could say it is my newest addiction.  But it is an addiction that inspires me to come up with different ways to see that look.  We had so much fun with each new experience with our oldest girl and are enjoying it just as much the second time around.

But this time, I am not pregnant (…yet) and so I have the opportunity to not only experience these firsts but to write about them here.  Thus, I am starting a new series called Baby Play where we will explore the earliest introductions to simple concepts with our little one through play.  Who says learning can’t be fun (and early)?

To kick the series off, I did a guest post over at I Can Teach My Child about introducing Sound Concepts.  Please go check it out!  We had lots of fun with very simple toys!


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