Alphabet Exploration: Cc

alphabet board

This alphabet thing is getting pretty interesting!  G is still wanting to say all the letters are for Elmo.  And Ernie.  And Abby!  She is really going to to love when we get to Ee week.  But I am still pressing on and trying to come up with new ideas to get her interested in the letters of the week.  I am not too discouraged, because this exercise is really just to give her some basic understanding of the letters of the alphabet.   Something has to be sinking in there, right?

So, for Cc week, we did:

Monday: Cc is for colors.  G loves to color so I made some construction paper placemats for her to color while I was preparing meals for her today.  I took three pieces of construction paper and taped them to our “table” and drew big Cs on two and a little c on one.  While she was coloring, we said C is for colors a bunch of times.  I also helped her to draw Cs with her hand in mine.  She loved this!

Tuesday: Cc is for car.  G has a couple of cars and we played with these, talking about the sounds they make and driving them around.  We also sang the song “I see red cars.” while we were driving around.

Wednesday: Cc is for cookie.  I had grand plans to make cookies with G all week, but never got around to it.  Instead we had cookies (store-bought) as a snack and she really enjoyed them.  We also talked about and read books with Cookie Monster from Sesame Street (although I really do not like his character because he does not speak proper English – I can’t bring myself to read what he says).

Thursday: Cc is for coat.  We were still on our unit for Winter, so this was a no brainer.  We read the book, Snowman, Snowman what do you see that talk

Friday: Cc is for Clifford the Big Red Dog.  W has a neat fabric book that was given to her by a dear friend.  We read this during our morning storytime with the girls and G picked up his name very quickly.  So we read the book and talked about, “C is for Clifford.”


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