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ABCs of Saving: Buy in Bulk

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ABCs of Saving - Buy in Bulk

Today’s tip is sponsored by the letter B!  Buy in bulk

The concept of having a small store of food and supplies is not lost on the entire saving community, but sometimes it can be a little bit overwhelming for those who are just starting out in the savings game.   “What do I buy?” How much?” And, “When do I buy?”  These are the questions we ask ourselves as we seek to follow others in the saving game.  And the answers to these questions vary from family to family but here are a few guidelines for Buying in Bulk:

1.  Locate the bulk bins in your local health food store and buy small quantities of things you only need for a recipe or two.  This would be an example where buying in bulk means not coming home with a gallon of oil or a vat of flour (a la Costco).  Instead you may need a quantity of an item as small as 1/4 of a cup.  Why buy the entire container when you only need a little bit?  Put a little in a bag and bring it home from the bulk bin and save yourself money and shelf space in your pantry.  This is also helpful when you want to try out an item, but you are not sure you will like it.  I had never used bran in a recipe before, but I had a recipe that called for a little bit of it.  Instead of buying a big bag of bran that would sit on a shelf and rot if I didn’t like the recipe, I got a LITTLE bit at the bulk bin and used it in the recipe.  It cost me very little out of pocket and I didn’t have a bunch left over.

2.  Buy in bulk when you know you will use the item a LOT and it is a great deal.  After watching the sales for a little while, you will notice the prices of many of the items you buy each time you go to the grocery or drug store run on a cycle.  If you buy at the bottom of the price cycle, you can stock up at the best time and have the items on hand for everyday use.  This way you can get as much as you estimate you need until the cycle hits the bottom again, when you can stock up again.  Be aware of shelf life of items, some have built in sell by dates that are hard and fast for a reason, but some only have sell by dates so that they can move merchandise off the shelves and get you to buy again sooner.

3.  Set aside a space to keep your bulk buys and limit yourself to this space only.  We don’t have cable, but I cannot tell you how many of my friends told me about the show on TLC about extreme couponing where people buy ridiculous amounts of food and toilet items and keep them wherever they can stash them.  Not to judge what they do, because every situation is different, but there is a difference between hoarding and having a little extra on hand for a rainy day.  Earlier this year, I set up a storage section in our garage for our bulk buys on hand and I have found that seeing it everyday as I leave the house reminds me not to bring home more than I can fit right there.  I can also  see, at a glance, what we are running low on and what we really need.  This picture reminds me I need to get in there and reorganize it!

4.  Beware the Costco pricing.  Some items you can get at Costco (and the like) are a great bargain.  I went there today and got some butter, eggs, cherry tomatoes, strawberries, pita chips and Cheez-its (our family loves these and goes through them WAY TOO FAST!!).  We are having a party for our daughter this weekend and I needed a large quantity of some of these things.  But right next to all these reasonably priced bulk items are other items that are sized way too large and are too expensive per unit.  Always look at the per unit price and compare it with what you could get it for at the regular grocer (with or without a coupon).  Often you will find that your grocery store has a better price per unit than the vat vendors.  Another consideration at the checkout lane: Will I use all x pounds of this before it goes bad?  If the answer is no, you are wasting money and shelf space.

So, it is share time now: What are your best bulk buying tips?  Where do you stash all that stuff?  Do tell!


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