a2 Milk®, the way it was intended

a2 Milk® is the orginal milk, just as nature intended

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I wish I loved milk.  I mean I know it is good for me, but I just haven’t enjoyed it in a long time.  And part of my aversion to it is the tummy discomfort I feel after drinking it.  [Ahem.]  I know I am not alone, a study showed that 1 in 4 people in America have tummy troubles related with drinking milk.  This doesn’t mean that I or those who experience discomfort are actually “lactose intolerant”, but it does mean that most people with those tummy issues skip drinking milk.  They often switch to alternative milks like rice, almond and soy milks, which don’t have the same health benefits as natural farm fresh cow’s milk.  And that means they miss out on the potassium, protein, and calcium that is in cow’s milk.

That’s why I am happy to say: there is a solution to the problem!  And I am so excited to try it out with my family!

Excuse me while I share a little bit of nerdy food information – it is fascinating:

The reason regular and even organic milks on the market right now give us tummy trouble is they have a protein called a1 beta-casein present in those milks. This protein actually wasn’t in cow’s milk until recent years when increased demands for more and more milk caused this protein to show up in cow’s milk.  This is when people started experiencing tummy troubles after drinking milk.  Interestingly enough all other mammal milks (goat, sheep, even human) contain only a2-type proteins, not a1.

A new product is about to rock the milk-averse world because it is produced using a special herd of cows in which the a1 protein is absent.  The way it is supposed to be!

Check out a2 Milk®!

a2 Milk® is the orginal milk, just as nature intended

I am (selfishly) really excited about this product because of all the possibilities inherent in drinking milk and all the things I can enjoy again without having to worry about an unhappy tummy afterwards.

And honestly, I am mostly talking homemade ice cream here, people!

This weekend we went to Sprouts (click here to find out where you can get it in your area) to pick up our first carton and we are planning on trying it this week.

a2 Milk® - milk the way nature intended

I was asked by a2 Milk® to be an ambassador for them here on my blog.  That means I get to try the products, use them in recipes, and share my experience with you.  Over the next few months, look for posts about my experience and fun ways we are consuming milk with our family.

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