A Simple Plan: Week of August 26th – September 1st

A Simple PlanYes, it is Wednesday and I am just now getting to writing down my goals and meal plan.  But there is a reason.  This is the official first day of my homemaker week this week.  We went out of town for the weekend (just my husband and I) and rain and flash floods kept us away a day longer than we planned.  So, we have a shortened week this week!

Last week, we kind of messed up the menu plan, but I was able to get meals prepared for the weekend – they didn’t get eaten, but they were prepared! This week, I am keeping it simple in order to get back on track and not eat out for the rest of the week.

Breakfasts: yogurt, oatmeal, cinnamon toast, scrambled eggs and bacon, fruit, cereal

Lunches: turkey wraps, quesadillas, pb&j, pizzas

Dinners: Carbonara, Egg Foo Yong, Saucy Drums and Thighs (slow-cooker), Easy Crab Bake, Sausage & Scrambled Egg Pizza

And here’s how last week’s goals went:

  • Clean and declutter house (top to bottom) – pretty much done for the main living areas (it wasn’t as clean as I like, but it never is!)
  • Prepare meals for the weekend before we leave Friday morning – yeah!
  • Prepare instructions for Aunt S
  • Pack for trip {I only forgot 2 things – I always forget something!}
  • Work on a project for the blog – announcement coming soon! {I really need to get on this!}
  • Get a pedicure – yea for pampering!

This week is focused on getting back on track after our time away:

  • Go to bed and wake up on time each morning
  • Read one chapter of Romans commentary each morning, one chapter of leisure read each evening
  • Work on organizing downstairs closets
  • Prepare budget for September
  • Craft for girls
  • Work on blog projects and posts – maybe a morning spent writing.

Here’s hoping…

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