A Homeschooling Reset: Spring Cleaning your Homeschool

This month, as I have been working through the March MAIDness series, I came across a little card with some Bible references and random ideas scrawled across it. I am forever writing ideas on cards and slips of paper and tucking them away somewhere. This was one of those cards.

I could tell immediately upon glancing at it that it was intended to be an encouragement post for my homeschool mama friends (and myself). So, I sat down and looked up the Bible verses. Right away, I got the drift.

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I know it was a God-ordained decluttering session because of the results. Somewhere in the semi-recent past, God impressed these verses on my heart. But He had an intention for them to encourage me now – as we wind down term 2 of our school year – as we struggle through the various difficulties of our days. Now. His Word is for now – for such a time as this.

Here’s an excerpt from the resultant post, I wrote as this month’s contribution to Life, Abundantly:

I looked up the Bible verses jotted down and realized they were a reset for my homeschool, at just the appropriate time for spring cleaning. These notes are the way to reset your homeschool any time of year. But somehow they seem to work best right now – in the midst of the wind-down of the year. Weariness has set in. There is light at the end of the tunnel and yet there is still so much work to be done.

I offer these simple ideas for resetting your homeschool as a sort of torch to guide the way to the rest of the year. I hope you find them encouraging. There are three “gets” and a “remember.”

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