A Date Night Idea

Date Night Photo ShootThis month brings our 9th wedding anniversary!  We are so blessed to be happily married after all this time with such a beautiful family.  Truly every gift we have is from the Lord and one of the gifts I am most thankful for is the smile on my husband’s face.  So, please excuse me as I gush a little bit on this blog this month.  I promise not to make you too sick.

Today, I am bringing you a random date night idea.  I honestly am not one of those women who can come up with interesting and frugal date nights.  Our evenings out tend to be eating at one of a handful of mid-price eateries and then walking around one of a couple of stores (Barnes and Noble should be expecting us soon!).  But I kind of stumbled on this date night idea last month while my husband was helping me take pictures for a post I did on this blog.

The best part of this date night is it is FREE!  Oh, and it will reveal your connection to one another in a way you might not see every day.

All you need is a camera!  Take pictures of one another while having a conversation about almost anything.  When my husband was taking pictures of me, I was demonstrating baby sign language.  So, you could literally be talking about ANYthing.

The rewarding part of this short photo session was I finally got to see what others see when my husband and I are together. From the beginning of our relationship our family and friends said they could really tell we were happy and in love just by looking at us.  And I know how I feel about my man, but I never got to see what that looks like.

When I looked through the resulting snapshots and candids, suddenly I saw it: the love I have for my husband impressed on my every feature.  It was enlightening!  And it was such fun to finally see it in such a natural way.

Let me be clear about this.  Both my husband and I are definitely camera-shy!  We do not love to have our picture taken.  So this was not an obvious choice for a date night, but it was SO fun (even for us!)!  In fact it was pretty difficult to convince my husband to let me turn the camera on him!  Notice there are no photographs of us in this post!

But you can’t beat a free date night you can do at home that reminds you of the fun you have with one another and the love that is written all over your faces!  Have fun with your camera and your love.

Do you have a great date night idea?  I would love to hear it!  Please leave a comment and share with us.

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