A Cleaning Challenge: Week in Review

After completing my own cleaning series last month, you might think I am done with cleaning for a while. But, I have found that no matter how well you clean, it will get messy again…and quick!  I am on a constant cleaning frenzy, it seems.

So, I was so excited that Money Saving Mom started a 30-Day House Cleaning Challenge to motivate me to get and keep my house clean.  Plus, it is so nice to clean and not have to write about it everyday as well!

Here is the first week in review:

Day 1: Living Room/Kitchen surface cleaned.  I did this throughout the day, but made sure it looked just right before I went to bed.  There is nothing like coming downstairs to a clean home in the morning!  It makes my coffee taste even better.

clean living and kitchen


Day 2: Bathrooms.  All four got deep cleaned using this printable: Deep Cleaning Checklist_Bathroom.

clean bathrooms

Day 3: Bedrooms. This was supposed to be surface cleaning, but I really don’t understand the concept of surface cleaning that well so I did some intense cleaning and organizing in each room.

master bedroom clean nursery clean guest bedroom clean

Day 4: Choose your room to clean.  I worked on the laundry room. It had gotten out of hand because it is our drop zone.

laundry room clean

Day 5: Surface clean kitchen or living area.  I got these cleaned up before going to bed.  And woke up to this in my kitchen (oh how I love an empty sink!)

sink and dishwasher clean

Day 6: Clean a bathroom. I maintained the clean state of our bathrooms and switched out the towels.  But I spend most of the day on washing the washing machine and three sets of pillows.  Look for an upcoming post about the homemade cleaner I made for my front loader washer that made all those stains disappear!

Day 7: Clean interior windows.  I am taking the day off on this one because we are PAYING someone to do this for us next week!  We almost never get it done, but we found a great deal and we are going to start scheduling this cleaner to come in on a regular basis.  This is wonderful because this is not one of my favorite homekeeping tasks.

Whew!  That was a lot of work, but so worth it!

If you are interested in learning more about the challenge go to Money Saving Mom and check it out.  If you would like to follow me through this challenge, follow me on Instagram or Twitter.

Happy cleaning! Have a great week!

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