A Cleaning Challenge: Week in Review

This is the final review post for the 30 Day Clean House Challenge from Money Saving Mom and I could not be happier with the results of my time cleaning my house.  It inspired me to get long lingering projects done around the house, to work a little bit at a time on cleaning, and to maintain it (as much as is possible with 2 little ones!).

So here is what I did for the last week (+ a few days):

Monday (22nd) – Surface clean bedrooms.  This is fairly simple since I have been maintaining the cleanliness of these rooms for most of the month.  I changed the sheets, made the beds, dusted and vacuumed the floors.  For the girls’ beds, I wiped down the slats with a disinfectant cloth because we have been plagued by allergies.  Not sure how much gunk was on there…ugh!  I also cleaned the fans.

Tuesday (23rd) – Sweep and vacuum all floors in the house.  Well, this is was one of those days where I wish I had waited to do this until later in the day.  I swept the floors early in the morning before the girls got up.  Then I went off to Bible study and came back to find the window washing crew that we hired, had left the windows open for quite some time.  Gritty floors…again!  Ahh!  So it got done again.  How many times a day could I sweep this house?  Probably three or four.

Wednesday (24th) – Clean linen closet.  Our linen closet was basically already clean, so I decided to also clean out our hall closet.  I am SO glad I did.  I found a large stash of cash and gift cards!  Sometimes cleaning does pay!  But, even if I didn’t find the money, I would have been happy to stand with the door open and gaze upon the cleanliness.  I love the look of an organized space!  Don’t you?

clean linen

clean hall closet

Thursday (25th) – Surface clean living room and kitchen.  This is where it got a little odd in the week for me.  Surface cleaning the living room is so easy these days.  It takes less than 10 minutes and has become a part of my nightly routine (most nights).  But for some reason, I just couldn’t get the entire kitchen surface cleaned today.  I had one half of it done before I went to bed.

clean kitchen

Friday (26th) – Deep clean kitchen.  At first I found it odd that this challenge had us surface clean and then deep clean the same room on days back to back.  But I really needed the extra day to attack the deep down dirt in my kitchen.  I cleaned the glass stove top by sprinkling baking soda all over and laying a wash rag wet with warm soapy water over it for 15 minutes, then wiped it clean.  The baking soda did wonders.  This took a while, but the results were really good.  I also hands and knees scrubbed the kitchen floor.  Sometimes the best way to make sure you get something clean is to get down to eye-level so you can see all the dirt.

Saturday (27th) – Surface clean bathrooms.  I wiped down all the surfaces and changed the linens.  Pretty simple.

Sunday (28th) – Surface clean bedrooms.  I followed the list for my 15 minute refresh and did this while the babies were settling in for naps.  So easy!

Monday (29th) – Sweep and vacuum all floors.  I did not get around to do this!  Ah.  I will have to get on it!  I did sweep the downstairs, but I need to run the vacuum.

Tuesday (30th) – Clean one thing.  I was so happy to get this assignment because there was something I had been putting off for quite some time.  I needed to iron my laundered slip covers for my dining chairs.  I really am not an ironing lady.  It is not that I don’t like doing it, it is that I don’t need to do it very often.  My husband is a contractor, so he RARELY wears a button down shirt or anything that needs to be ironed.  So, I have had these clean slip covers sitting in my ironing pile for quite some time.  Well, today I got it done!  Yes!

slipcovers ironed - clean one thing


We also cleaned above the kitchen cabinets and put up a new decorative element – I love it!new kitchen decor

Whew!  What a month!  I love it so much, I think I will tweak the list a little bit and keep it up.  Inspired by this 30 day challenge, I have decided this next month, I will be working on the outside of our house 15 minutes a day (gardening is not my forte, wish me luck!).

If you followed along with this challenge what has it inspired you to do?

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