A Cleaning Challenge: Week 2 in Review

I am continuing to participate in Money Saving Mom’s 30-Day Clean House Challenge during the month of April.  It has been a busy week, but the house looks pretty good, if I do say so myself.  Here is the rundown on how the week went:

Monday: Sweep and vacuum all floors of the house. I did this relatively late in the day because I like to wait until all the potential messes (ahem…kids) are made and then clean them.  But I quickly vacuumed the stairs before G went to bed, to make sure they were included in the process.  I just love when our stairs are clean.  Someday, I want to have wood floors starting at the stairs and going up into the loft, but until then, I get the privilege of sweeping and vacuuming the stairs on a semi-regular basis.  The basket at the bottom of the stairs is the catchall basket for the girls, so I can remember to take their things upstairs.  When I got done, I gave my vacuum cleaner some love in the form of a clean out.  I probably should have changed the filter long ago, so I ordered a new one and can’t wait to see how much more dirt she picks up.

clean stairway

Tuesday: Surface clean bedrooms.  This really was a very quick process because I completed a deep clean in all the bedrooms last week.  So I concentrated on changing sheets and tidying the clutter. The floors were already clean from the night before.

clean bedroom - wren

Wednesday: Deep clean living room.  I used the process outlined in this post using the printable checklist and completed some projects that I had been putting off doing.  I removed wax from a mirror that had appeared sometime in the winter.  I cleaned our new to us gigantic tv (it was free and my husband just couldn’t pass it up…I still shudder in shock when I look at it real close).  And I wiped down, cleaned under, and rotated the cushions on the couch.

deep clean living room

Thursday: I swapped the tasks for this day and Friday and cleaned out a closet.  I worked on the girls’ closet because I was planning on going to a consignment event for kids the next day and wanted to make sure I got just what was needed.  As you can see, we still have lots of clothes for W (6 months) and not so many for G (22 months).  We were so blessed to receive LOTS of clothes for the first year, but beyond that we have been on our own pretty much.  The decision to clean out the closet a day early really helped me to know exactly what was lacking.  I also put a basket in the closet for outgrown clothes (W seems to get to only wear items once before growing out of them…she is already in 9-12 month clothes!).

girls' closet clean

Friday: Clean bathrooms.  This did not take long because of the intense clean I did last week.  I just cleared clutter off counters, took out the trash, and wiped down all the surfaces.  I also changed the linens.  I am planning on running in our bathroom tonight and trying a new cleaning technique I found on Pinterest on the glass shower doors.  You know, just for fun on a Sunday night.

clean master bath

Saturday: Clean extra room.  Since this was my choice and I was getting tired of looking at the dining room the way it was, I tackled the dining room.  We removed the leaves from the table (we usually have them in during the fall and winter months because we have so many dinners at our house), dusted all the surfaces (including the blinds and baseboards), and swept.  It didn’t take long.  I am thinking of repurposing the tiered basket in the corner and turning it into storage for place mats and napkins.  We shall see if I get to that this next week.

clean dining room

Sunday: Deep clean bedrooms.  I did this last week, so I am taking the day off (well, relatively).


If you are interested in learning more about the challenge go to Money Saving Mom and check it out.  If you would like to follow me through this challenge, follow me on Instagram or Twitter.

Happy cleaning! Have a great week!



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