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Pennies from Heaven: Homeschool Savings

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Homeschooling can get expensive fast! The options out there for curricula are endless. The temptation for purchasing all.the.things. is real! This is not a post about which curricula to choose (although I will offer some suggestions). Rather, this post is about saving money on whatever curricula you settle on.

The suggestions I offer are, as always, super simple. So you may have thought of them before. But maybe there is some small blessing in here you can pass onto another. Let’s get started.

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Pennies from Heaven

Simple Grocery Pick-up Savings

Hi, my name is Leah, a mother of four and a devoted Walmart Pick-up shopper. I have been utilizing Walmart Pick-up for about 2 years because it is easier than praying for a parking spot close to the cart return, hoping for a 2-cart at the entrance, and attempting not to pull my hair out as 4 voices cry in round, “Can I have ____?” for half an hour. In short, it is awesome.

There are some drawbacks though. Coupons are pretty much a thing of the past with Walmart Pick-up. Their system currently does not operate with the ability to enter coupons into their app. But what they lack in savings, they make up in convenience. And lately I have valued convenience over savings.

But, I have found a few money saving tricks recently and I am enjoying the benefits of both convenience and a little cash back in my pocket! They are super simple things to do to get some easy money while using Walmart Pick-up.

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Pennies from Heaven

Pennies from Heaven: Holiday Weekend Promotions

Are you throwing away more than $100 a year?

We were!  There are a TON of Holiday weekend promotions out there each major (and some minor) holiday.  Stores simply want you to get in the door and they will often offer great deals to do it.  But some stores reward you for stopping by on a holiday weekend. We were throwing away these offers, but not anymore!

Now we get a reward each holiday weekend.  If it is a federal holiday, we get at least a $20 gift card just by doing one simple thing.

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