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Turn Chores into FUN!

A Christmas Tree scavenger hunt turns a chore into FUN for kids

The holidays are such a fun time to decorate the house with reminders of the season.  I had so much fun this year with the girls, telling them the story of Jesus as we put out the decorations.  We talked about all sorts of things to keep them focused on the true reason for the season.  And the season came and went so quickly this year!  Today, I was pretty ready to have the house cleared up as we get ready to get back to our routines in the new year. So, it was time to do another of my favorite traditions with the girls: a scavenger hunt!

My girls LOVE a scavenger hunt!  And I love a clean house.  So I combined both of our loves and turned a chore into a fun activity for the girls.  The excitement my girls exhibit when searching high and low for the items on a list is contagious.  And I love the skills that a scavenger hunt reinforce.

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Growing Up

A Box-o-Lantern for Preschoolers and Toddlers

A Toddler/Preschool Halloween craft, a box-o-lantern

Are you not quite ready to carve a pumpkin with your little ones?  I know we aren’t!  There’s something about toddlers and sharp objects that should not mix.  In fact, I don’t really like to carve pumpkins at all.  We will get to cutting open a pumpkin later in the season to explore the insides and get all gooey.  But to start off our fall fun this year, we created a fun no-carve alternative to a pumpkin that will last all season.

This project was borne of a painting session we were doing that I wanted to extend until we could get the girls in the bath before nap time.  We were working on painting our salt dough hand prints from our first day of preschool and I had out the yellow and orange paints.  The girls painted their salt dough hand prints WAY faster than I was expecting, so I quickly looked around the house for something to extend our painting fun. Continue Reading

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Pretend Play Post Office for Preschoolers

pretend play post office

I have been ultra inspired by our current unit for preschool: helpers.  Our first mini-unit has been mailmen and it has been SO much fun!  I am not sure who has had more fun with it: me or the girls!  I came up with a number of ideas in the weeks leading up to our starting of this unit and was so gratified by their successful outcome.  And I was even more excited that we spent about $10 on creating an entire post office pretend play set up for the girls!  So, I thought I would share the ideas with you, in case you want to create something like this for your little ones. Continue Reading

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Post Office “I Spy” for Preschoolers

Post Office "I Spy" for preschoolers

We are currently working our way through our first official unit for our “school” about helpers.  Our first designated helpers are mailmen.  The girls and I have been having fun discovering more about the mail and mailmen.  But, I kind of hit a wall in regards to their understanding of what happens at a post office.  They just didn’t have much experience with going to the post office.  So, I threw together a quick post office “I spy” activity for the girls and it was such FUN!   And I thought I would share with you a free printable so you can do it, too.

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Grandparent’s Day Craft for Preschoolers

Grandparent's Day craft and poem for preschoolers

We have not always been good about getting things in the mail.  And when I say “we,” I mean I have not been good about it.  But we are in the midst of our first preschool unit on mailmen and I took the opportunity to challenge ourselves to get something in the mail in time for Grandparent’s Day.  So I came up with a cute, simple Grandparent’s Day craft for our girls to do. Hopefully they will get to the grandparents some time before the end of the week!

I was doing a little research on crafty things we could make for our 3 sets of grandparents and I came across this cute poem and craft from Joyfully Thriving for Valentine’s Day that I really liked.  I thought it would really work for the grandparents that live in Texas (and for the local ones, too!).  

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First Day of School

first day of school -preschool at home

Today was our first day of school!  And I don’t know who was more excited: me or the girls!

We have been leading up to this day for a couple of weeks, telling the girls they were going to start school soon!  And then last week, we did a fun countdown activity with some foam school buses I found at the Dollar Spot at Target (love that place).   I used some foam numbers to number the buses from 1-7 and posted them on the wall for the girls to see each day.  Each day we counted down to school.  And each night, I took one down and told them, “I was up really late last night and I saw one of those buses drive away.  And it said, ‘See you at school!'”  The girls just loved coming downstairs to discover one less bus each day.  And today, they were all gone and we had a different set up ready for them.  Continue Reading