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What We are Actually Doing for CC Cycle 2…Really

This entry is part 7 of 10 in the series Classsical Conversations

Hey, planning parents (waves)! Don’t you just love the process of planning for the next school year? The activities, the crafts, the projects, the copywork! And do you ever look back over those carefully crafted plans and think, “When are we ever going to have the time to do all this?”

Or maybe you are still in that hazy-headed place where all plans are perfect and every day of the next year will hold happiness in the palm of its hand because you did it ALL.

Well, I don’t want to burst the beautiful bubble you have fashioned for yourself and your family…

but this is real life.

And real life is a bit more complicated than any lesson plan can parse.

This is our second time through Cycle 2 for Classical Conversations. And this time, I am really…no really, planning what we are going to actually do.

And it may surprise you to know that it is super simple!

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Growing Up

Kindergarten Homeschool Choices

homeschooling kindergarten - learning choices and goals. A plan for the school year

We jumped!

We finally got started with homeschool a little over a week ago and it is going ___.

Yes, I didn’t include an adverb at the end of that sentence because, I am trying my best to wait 6 weeks to evaluate how it is going!  I will let you know when we get through our first 6 weeks!

But I thought I would share the thinking behind our homeschool kindergarten choices for G (5-years-old as of June 2016).  I know that every family is different and each child is unique.  So, I am just putting out there our choices for our girl.  And a little bit of the reasoning behind the choices.  You will see the subjects are planning to cover, followed by my goal for the year and the plan for teaching/learning it. Continue Reading

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Home Office Planning

Decluttering Step by step Progress report
This entry is part 1 of 41 in the series Hope for Homemakers

Oh, the project for decluttering and setting up my husband’s office seems like it will never end.  It seems like when I make progress, we suddenly have something else pop up in the way of more progress.  This past week my husband (rightly) decided that it was way too hot in his office and he wants to install a mini A/C in the wall.  He’s a builder and so he knows people who can do this in their sleep, but I kind of wonder how many days (and nights) it will take to actually get it done.

In the mean time, I have been in planning mode.  Because when progress on a project is just not happening, I like to keep in mind the end goal and make sure it is something we really LOVE.  Planning is my happy place!

I thought I would share with you a portion of my vision for this room. Continue Reading

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Christmas Planner for 2013 – A giveaway!

Each year, my husband and I sit and marvel at how fast the year has gone by and this year is no different.  We suddenly find ourselves furiously planning to get a few projects done around the house before hosting Thanksgiving at our house and considering how to spend the Christmas holiday.  And lately I have been needing more planning help than I used to – I think it has to do something with having two extra beings to consider and plan for!

That’s why I am so glad I found Jill Craft’s Christmas Planner 2013 to help me plan for everything important this year!  It is a downloadable planner (making it so easy to print) that has lots of lists to keep me organized and on budget. Continue Reading

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Getting Ready for Baby – Preparing Your Home for Helpers

This entry is part 17 of 33 in the series Baby Days

Since we just welcomed our second baby and I have a few friends that are having second, third, and fourth babies, I have preparation for baby-ness on the brain.  And there are so many things to consider when bringing home any baby: what to buy, what to clean, and what to cook ahead of time.  But, one of the big considerations people often overlook when getting ready for baby is preparing your home for help.

We ended up having to have a c-section for a breach baby the first time around; creating a need for lots of help after my husband went back to work while I recovered.  Then we got pregnant pretty quick (seven months later) and I had to go on bed rest for 2 months at the beginning of that pregnancy.  Then, we had another c-section for baby number two.  All told I had someone not in my immediate family in my home every week day for almost 20 weeks over the last two years.  That is INSANE!  We were so blessed to have lots of helpers: my moms (biological and bonus), my mother-in-law, and my sister-in-law as well as various friends. Continue Reading