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Baby Play: Simple Counting Play and Song

This entry is part 10 of 33 in the series Baby Days

I haven’t been able to write a baby post in a while because I haven’t had a little one in my arms in far too long (hint, hint to my husband!).  But over the holidays I had the privilege of holding and playing with a couple of our youngest family members.  Thus, I got to take out some of my old favorite baby distraction games!  One of my absolute favorites is a simple finger play game that I made up with our oldest and use on every baby I can find.  It works almost every single time to delight and distract them.  And as our youngest has had her sudden (and shocking) vocabulary explosion, she is starting to learn to count.  This old standby game has really helped us to have fun while she learns to count to 5.

So I thought I would share it with you.  It is SO easy to learn and does not take a great singer to make it fun. Continue Reading

Growing Up

Modern Lullabies for a new Generation

Do you sing to your kids before bed?  Did your parents sing to you when you were little?

I don’t remember if my parents sang to me, but some of my earliest memories are associated with music.  Music was always playing in our house and I can mark specific times in my life by very specific songs.  I hope to pass along a love of good music to my little ones.  And though most people would discourage my singing (the voice is just not what I would hope), my little ones think I have a beautiful voice!  I sing to my kids every day throughout the day, but I like for bedtime to be a little bit more routine. And I have a repertoire that includes a handful of songs.

I thought I would share our favorite modern lullabies for a new generation:

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Nest Building

March MAIDness: Day 20 – Sounds of Clean

This entry is part 20 of 20 in the series March Maidness

Oh, my!  I can’t believe we are at the end of March MAIDness!  The time just flew right by!  Thanks again for sticking with me through this journey to find our inner maids.

I thought I would leave you today with a little music.  That way (maybe) I’ll stick in your head like the last song you heard.  And each time you hear one of these songs, you may be inspired to clean like a mad woman.

I love to clean and I love music.  Thus, I love to clean to music. The only problem I run into is when the song makes me want to dance so much that I don’t clean, I just dance.  It is a delicate balance you have to strike in this area.

After lots of thought, I present you with a playlist for cleaning. You can check it out on Spotify. So, grab whatever device lets you play music, crank it up, and scrub, scrub, scrub! Continue Reading