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Shared Toddler Girls Room

In our 7 Year Itch, it has taken a long time to get around to “finishing” rooms.  And then change jumps up and forces restructuring, rethinking, and replanning.

Our girls’ room will be changing again in the next few months, so I am already starting to plan for the changes and get excited about what it will look like.  But before it changes, I thought I would share with you our girls’ first shared bedroom. Continue Reading

Growing Up

What makes your Kid Extraordinary?

Every parent thinks their kid is the best at something.  Whatever their talent, aptitude, or quirk, we celebrate them with abandon and unabashedly.  When I was tasked by Stanford Children’s Health with writing about what makes my kid extraordinary, I thought it would be a piece of cake writing assignment.  And then I tried to think of something truly unique.  Something that would make you smile and think, “WOW!  That kid is extraordinary!”

But, every kid does all the things I could think of.  And then my 20 month old walked up to me and said her absolute favorite word.

The thing is, she doesn’t have very many words, yet.  She is starting to babble a little more, putting together phrases that almost sound like real words.  Still, she refuses, outright refuses to say, “Mama.”  But she already has a favorite word. Continue Reading

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