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Growing Up

Bye, Bye Baby Acne

This entry is part 14 of 33 in the series Baby Days

Are you like we were as new parents?  Absolutely in love with this precious bundle with perfect, soft skin.  Do you spend hours just sitting and watching her sleep, dream, goo, gah, and generally be perfect?

Well, you might be surprised like we were to wake up one morning (ok, it was probably the middle of the night) to see your sweet, perfectly skinned little one with tiny red spots

It starts out small, almost imperceptible.  Then the spots multiply and redden.  Then they spread over the entire surface of baby’s face! 

And if you are a new parent, you will start to wonder if she is having some sort of allergic reaction.  You will search on the internet and find all sorts of horrifying skin ailments and try to compare it to your baby’s current state of red bumpy-ness.

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