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Conlatio: Beginning a New Tradition

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Latin in 4th grade. Part of me simply wonders, “Why?” That part of me, the mama part of me, still sees my oldest girl as young – too young for such big things. And part of me, the homeschool teacher part, sees her enthusiasm for learning and knows she can do it.

The teacher part of me is winning on this one.

We have had very little previous exposure to Latin. Since participating in Classical Conversations, we have familiarity with the Latin memory work for each cycle. As a family, we have also watched the first level of Song School Latin and have sung some of the songs. We know some very basic conversational Latin and some very basic conjugations. But, I do not believe my students would be able to tell you what a conjugation is, nor how to do one.

I have one student who is READY for more Latin. She has expressed a desire to learn Spanish, coming to me with new words and identifing Latin derivatives on her own. And I have another student who is, let’s see – less inclined toward diligent Latin studies. Oh, and we have a first year student and a toddler running around shouting out “Vale!” when someone leaves our home.

In general, we do a one-room schoolhouse thing around here. So I have these younger students in the room for almost all instruction. I wanted to reach them, too, where they are at. Plus, I wanted to create something that would be a cultural touchstone in our home. So, I came up with a combination of our Gathering and our Inductive Bible Study for Kids. I am calling it: Conlatio

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Growing Up

Gathering for 2020-2021: What to Expect

A few years ago, somewhere in the early fog of my homeschooling journey, I heard about morning time. The ideas one could incorporate into a morning routine intrigued me. Showing my kids art, sharing Bible stories and hymns with them, snuggling together to read a treasured book. The vision of a peaceful start to our homeschool day sounded perfect! It all sounded so wonderful!

Bringing my visions to reality proved much harder than I had imagined. We could consistently get to Bible stories, and maybe some songs. But then I lost them to the wiggles, the “I’m still hungry!” mantras, and sometimes tears. Oh, and it took forever to get through the little we had done!! After months and months of trying (and failing) to figure out the how-to; I was desperate to figure out how to make this thing work.

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Nest Building

Stop Chasing Balance, Start Being Present

stop chasing balance start being present - time managment progress starts with simple small changes of everyday routines
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One of my favorite organizing blogs I Heart Organizing is challenging her readers to finally get organized in their lives, instead of putting it off…again!  Each week for four weeks, she is focusing on ONE area of organization in our lives that will make a big impact, but that we have likely been putting off.  And she wisely is starting with a more internal organizing challenge: time management.  This is the one that almost everyone struggles with.  And I am no exception!  And though I am not really planning on working through her printable Time Management worksheets – not because they are not useful, but because I have already done them in the past and know what I should be doing with my time; I am planning on getting back on track with what I have already been feeling convicted lately of concerning my time.

A few weeks ago, I went to a conference (blog/business related) and the most major takeaway for me was this statement:


Nest Building

Shuffling the Deck

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We started to make some changes in our home last year…wait, 2 years ago (how time flies) and we worked through the planning stages of remodeling two rooms of our home.  Then it started to snowball and we started thinking through each of the rooms in our house and how they were being used and how they could be used.  And then, we waited…me, less patiently than my husband.

It took well over a year to get the living room “done.”  The downstairs bath has been in the stage of “almost done” for months (and months, and months).  The laundry room got finished, by the grace of God somewhere in there.  And each of the other rooms are in the planning stages again for what they will someday become.

And in the midst of all this patience and impatience, I have gone about my way as a homemaker, trying to push where I can and be patient where I ought to be.  I learned to work on what I, personally could accomplish and keep (mostly) quiet about the things I couldn’t. Continue Reading

Nest Building

Family Instagram Display

Family Instagram Photo Wall

One of the projects I have been most excited to share with you here on this blog is our new laundry room.  I have been working for months on small changes in there to make a BIG impact.  The biggest impact is that I now LOVE my laundry room and want to be in there!  And my favorite part of our laundry room is the wall that runs along the entry from the garage where I created a family Instagram Display and a place for the girls to doodle to their hearts’ content.

I am kind of an Instagram addict.  I joined just before W was born and over the past couple of years have become an avid “Insta-poster” (I love making up new words!).  It is just such a simple way to share the everyday things going on in our lives.  It has also become the source of some of my very favorite family snapshots.  But the only problem is, if I don’t print out the photos, I have to get on my phone to see them.  Our girls would spend hours looking at the old photos with me.  So, one day, inspiration struck to create a wall to display all our favorite shots. Continue Reading

Devotion, Growing Up, Nest Building

What I Wanted

When I married my husband, I already knew he was a good friend, a hard worker, an intense gamer. And he had the perfect crooked smile.  What I didn’t know was he was such a family man.

I got my first impression of it when we, as newlyweds, went to visit his Mamaw and Great Aunt Nell.  We spent a lovely 4 days with them.  We played games, sat and talked, shared meals and created memories with them.  And as we pulled out of town, he said, “We should have stayed longer.”

I got a larger glimpse of it when he got a call from Texas saying his father had a stroke while on vacation.  He fought through tears and immediately booked us a flight to be there with his dad.  We got there and shared a few brief days with his dad and mom, just being there, just talking, just smiling.

Then God handed us a peek of “fatherhood” with the news of a baby!  My husband was nervous, excited, and a little nervous (yes, I said that twice).  We found out quickly that this baby would not be for us to hold in our hands, but rather in our hearts.  That day our world had a small crack in it, but he was not shaken.  He was a rock, he was patient, he accepted it as from the Lord (and he wept).  He stood next to me as I shook with tears at church almost every Sunday after that for months. Continue Reading

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