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Favorite Frugal Disney Souvenirs For Tots

Favorite Frugal Disney Souvenirs for Toddlers

We were recently blessed with the gift of 3 Day passes to Disneyland and California Adventure and were so excited to take our girls with family.  We took them in March and then again at the beginning of June to celebrate family birthdays.  Like I said we were blessed with these tickets (they are not cheap!).  But even with free admission, a trip to Disney can be hard on the wallet.  And going with little ones can make for lots of “Can I have this?” all day.  But after we got home from the park, I started to realize just what our toddlers valued as mementos or souvenirs for the day.  And I was surprised to find out what they love and play with are not the most expensive things.  In fact some of them are FREE! Continue Reading

Growing Up

Mickey’s Halloween Party

We are starting what I hope is a new tradition this year for Halloween for our family.  We are going to celebrate with Mickey Mouse at Disneyland!

Disney has set up a spectacular party for selected dates from the end of September through Halloween for families to come and have good clean (un-scary) fun.  It is called Mickey’s Halloween Party and we are invited!

We have wanted to take our girls to Disney for quite some time, but it seemed quite a lot of money to spend.  Our girls are kind of hit-and-miss on outside the house activities.  Sometimes we have a wonderful time and sometimes we have complete bone-crushing, head-pounding meltdowns.  It didn’t seem right to shell out a large sum of money only to get in the park and have crazy-time.  So, I was so excited to hear about this party because it is the frugal way to get a large bang for our little bucks! Continue Reading