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One Thing More – CC Cycle 2 Science

a list of simple matchups for Classical Conversations Cycle 2 Science - perfect for repeat cycles
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As I transitioned into teaching my kids at home, I was the new student trying to get the lay of the land. The landscape was vast, dotted with an immense amount of information. Feeling overwhelmed with the task of teaching my kids was not a possibility, it was a reality. It seemed a mountain range lay before me. I had to choose one to climb. Even when I settled on a specific mountain (curriculum) to climb (Classical Conversations), I found a valley lay beneath it, filled almost to brimming with books to match every detail of the curriculum.

I saw match-ups for science for each week, nine to ten books a week…and crafts, and worksheets. Then I saw match-ups for history, 4-5 chapter books a week, and crafts, and worksheets. It seemed I could reserve two-thirds of the library and still only be “covering” two subjects with my kids.

Isn’t this whole Classical Conversations supposed to be done with a stick and some sand?

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Growing Up

One Year Old Preschool: Week 1

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This week for our very first week of Preschool, we started with the theme: “I am fearfully and wonderfully made.”  (from Psalm 139). The goal for this unit is for our little one to: know the body parts (as many of them as possible) and know who “I” am.

For Week 1 the focus was the face.  We tried to teach G where her eyes, ears, mouth, and nose are on her face. Continue Reading