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Introduction to our series on Summer Learning - the Summer Term in our homeschool.  The details of our school days in the summer.

Just as most people are winding down their school year, we typically head back to school for our Summer Term. Since we live in the desert of Southern California, our ability to go outside and play throughout the summer is limited. So, we learn!

I try to make our Summer Term a lot more relaxed and fun. This year, I am trying out some new things I want to share with you. And during our Summer Term, we return to some old favorites, too. I will share those with you too.

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About our Summer Term

The details of our Summer Term are basic. We have a 12 week term during the summer. Our typical week is 3 days. We fit all we normally would fit into 4 days into 3.

So the school days are full. Somehow it doesn’t feel any more onerous than the rest of the year.

The 3 day week gives us the flexibility – week by week – to decide when we will “school.” Activities and special events are accommodated as they come up. This summer we will have book club, VBS, CC Practicum, and birthdays to work around.

Something New for our Summer Term

Our Summer Term provides us the opportunity to get around to the things we weren’t able to do in the school year. We bring old favorites back and try to make new habits.

This year I have decided to try out loop scheduling for the first time. One would think this requires me to read a book and find out what loop scheduling is. On the contrary, I am sort of winging it and creating my own definition of loop scheduling.

This year we will have a special extension of our Gatherings each day which will be done in my loop. Since we have three days of school each week, one day will be dedicated to one of three topics. Our loop subjects are: Bible – the Inductive Study series is back! – Latin – Conlatio is back! – and Music.

Grammar in our Summer Term

Since we have a relatively intense Grammar program during the “school year,” we take a lighter approach to grammar instruction during the Summer Term.

We read and memorize poetry, work on grammar daily, and practice penmanship. As I prepared for our Latin Gathering – Conlatio – to return this summer, I realized there is a strong connection between English Grammar and the study of Latin. Thus, I will be sneaking in some Grammar review in our Conlatio.

I will share a post about the specific programs we use for grammar later this month. There will be another about Conlatio, too – but you can grab the teacher’s guide for the first four weeks of this summer here.

Math in our Summer Term

We are Saxon Math users (and lovers) around here. This summer my oldest student will finish 5/4. My two other learners will be working diligently on Saxon 3 and 1.

If you are interested in Saxon Math, I have written a lot about it. You can find all the posts in one place here.

The schedule for our Summer Term allows lots of time for playing math games. I will share a post about our favorite math games to supplement Saxon Math later this month.

Art in our Summer Term

As I mentioned before, music is one of the loop subjects for our Summer Term this year. I have been working throughout the first part of the year on teaching myself to play the piano – I know! Let me tell you, an old dog can learn new tricks – it just takes a lot longer!

Part of the reason I desired to learn how to play the piano was so I could teach my kids. I have labored to practice all year. Practice has produced the fruit of 2 songs I can play (almost) perfectly. And it has captured the interest of my kids! They are all wanting to learn.

In addition to piano practice, this Summer Term, we will be returning to Singing Made Easy which we previewed earlier this year. Our success – at all age levels – was phenomenal. Noelle still sings “Hot Cross Buns” perfectly and more clearly than any other song she sings.

I also got a membership to Music in our Homeschool while it was available earlier this year. In it Gena teaches 15 minute music lessons for every week day! It is a perfect fit for our Gathering. And the kids think they are getting a special treat when I turn on a screen!

I am participating with a group of fabulous homeschool bloggers this month to bring you lots of Summer Learning and Homeschooling fun. You can access all the content from this central page. Look for special giveaways this throughout this month!

Introduction to our series on Summer Learning - the Summer Term in our homeschool.  The details of our school days in the summer.

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