Showers of Blessings: Romans 1-5

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I am just finishing up a session of Bible study on the first part of Romans.  We are a Precept upon Precept study and I am a notorious maker of lists and charts (it is the way my brain works).  So I thought I would do a showers of blessings, Romans 1-5 edition.

The blessings I am thankful for:

God calls and sets apart men for His purposes and plans, these plans include tribulation (1:1)

Everything God did in the gospel of Christ, He told His prophets beforehand – this was no plan B, it was laid out before the very foundations of the world (1:2, Acts 3:18)

Just as Christ was declared the Son of God through the resurrection from the dead; I, too, shall be declared God’s child when I am resurrected in Christ (1:4)

I have received grace – unmerited, unearned, undeserved, unending grace (1:5).  I stand in grace, in the very realms I should cower in fear, I STAND before a holy and awesome God (5:2).  He justly should sentence me to death (2:2), but Christ took my place and my punishment in the riches of His kindness and patience and tolerance, just waiting on me to repent (2:4).

The gospel has inherent power to save mankind.  I only need to share it accurately and God’s supernatural power takes care of the results – Thank you, LORD that the truth is not dependent on me and my ability, it is all of grace, all of the Spirit (1:16).  The truth of the gospel is also not dependent on my belief in it. It will always be true, even if no one accepts it (3:2-3).

God shed His Light abroad in my darkened and foolish heart (1:21). I did not come to enlightenment, the Light shined in the darkness until I perceived it as light.

God is not partial.  He is not swayed by selfish and ambitious motives.  He doesn’t look at the morally superior or the self-righteous any different than He looks at the worldly and irreligious.  He judges everyone by the same standard: Christ (2:11-16).

The Righteousness of God is Christ, manifested and demonstrated to all men; and is available to me through faith (3:21-22). All that He did, all the obedience, all the sacrifice, all the righteous acts put to my account by one assent, by one nod of the head.

Righteousness is credited to my account through forgiveness, covering, and not accounting my sins (4:6-8).  What would my relationships look like if I treated others like God treated me?

Christ, the Son of God, God made man, was delivered over to die because of my transgression and was raised because of my justification (4:25).

I have a “much more” justification by faith.  More than justification, I have peace, I stand in grace, I exult in the hope of heaven, I joy in trials, I shall be saved from the wrath of God by the very life of Christ, because I was God’s enemy, but I have been reconciled to Him through Christ’s blood, I can walk in righteousness (chapter 5).


What are you thankful for?

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