Saxon Math 3 – Resources & Supplies

Welcome! So glad you are joining the Saxon Math journey, homeschool Mama friend!

I created this space for links to ALL the Resources & Supplies you will need for Saxon Math 3.

This post may include affiliate links. If you click and make a purchase based on my recommendation, I get a small remuneration at no extra expense to you. I only recommend things I use and believe to be a blessing.

What you NEED for Saxon Math 3

I prefer to buy my Saxon Math levels from Christian Book. I have been buying from them since the days when their website had a name that now refers to cannabis. Ha! They typically have the best prices and run free shipping offers a number of times throughout the year. You will need the Homeschool Kit.

In that Homeschool Kit you will find:

  • Teacher’s Manual, 843 pages, Spiral Bound
  • Student’s Meeting Book – paperback
  • 2 Student Workbooks/Fact Cards – sealed in cellophane

If you are teaching your second (or third, fourth, etc.) student you will only need to get the consumable portions of the Homeschool Kit. Thus, get the:

An Essential Saxon Math Help

As you progress through the Saxon Math levels with your student(s), you may have questions about the program. I read this book at least twice a year and use it as a reference regularly. I highly recommend you get a copy, too.

Saxon Math 3 Manipulatives

Next, you will want to consider manipulatives. While the Saxon Math K-3 Manipulatives Kit is not absolutely necessary, it is immensely valuable and a great value. In it, you will find all the manipulatives used in all 4 early elementary levels of Saxon Math. Some items are not used every year.

In Saxon 3 you will need the following manipulatives. I have included links to alternative options for the manipulatives, so if you want to piece together a manipulatives kit for just Saxon Math 1, you can. However, I highly recommend the Saxon Math K-3 Manipulatives Kit. We are going on our 7th year of constant use and they have withstood many, many non-math play sessions.

Saxon Math 3 Extra Supplies

Other supplies you will not find in the Saxon Math K-3 Manipulative Kit, but you will need for Saxon Math 3 include:

Saxon Math 3 Perishable Supplies

During the course of Saxon Math 3, you will be instructed to purchase some perishable items. Those items are:

  • rice
  • unsweetened chocolate
  • butter
  • eggs
  • sugar
  • flour
  • baking soda
  • salt
  • vanilla
  • walnuts
  • bean seeds
  • crackers
  • peanut butter
  • hard candies
  • a 1 lb. household item (i.e. coffee, sugar, butter)

Since the items are perishable, I haven’t included links to them. When it’s time to order them, I rely upon our Walmart + account to get the items quickly delivered to our door. I have been able to devote countless hours to more productive tasks because I don’t have to go to the grocery store anymore!

Saxon Math 3 Teacher Companion

The Saxon Math 3 Teacher Companion is a MUST-have for simply preparing & staying on track with Saxon Math! I sat down a few years ago and did all the prep for all the early elementary levels of Saxon Math (K-3). It was such a huge blessing to have everything I would ever need to teach my four students math! And now you can have the blessing, too!

Go here to get a special offer for the Saxon Math Teacher Companions, friend!