Saturday Stroll

This week we celebrated Easter on Sunday and learned the way NOT to do it!  Last year we did the whole egg hunt thing later in the day after naps and eating.  This year we did it right after church and it didn’t work out so well for Miss W.  She wanted to be at home in bed in a very bad way!  But she started sitting up and her first tooth poked through, so she can be forgiven based on cuteness and milestones alone!  We took a sort of break on a formal One Year Old Preschool and will start back up next week.  I have been cleaning like a ma(i)d woman working on Money Saving Mom’s 30-Day Clean House Challenge and have been having fun connecting with others who are doing it as well!

Let’s take a walk, shall we?


Snapshot:  Forgive me if I cannot just pick one.  We had some very successful photo shoots this week based on some tips I got from Beryl Ann Young’s sample course One Ingredient Fix.

Girls at play Grace dizzy Wren with giraffe


My buddy, Janine, over at True Aim Education wrote an amazing post with tips on getting your kids to eat their vegetables at any age.  I am definitely going to be employing some of these tips TODAY!

Make Your Children Like Vegetables.

Get kids to eat vegetables


Since I am on a cleaning kick, I found this post about cleaning glass shower doors and have discussed it with D and we are going to try it this week.

Oh, and I am going to make this tonight for dinner tomorrow night.  Doesn’t it look wonderful?



What are you up to this week?  Any posts you want to share for next week?  Leave me a comment and join the discussion.  I need a walking buddy!

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